TikTok | eva_barilaro

Man Shaves Girlfriend’s Head Because Of Alopecia, Then Shaves His Own In Solidarity

Hair is more than a shaggy blanket that rests and flows over top our scalps to style. Many people have an emotional, spiritual, and cultural attachment to hair that goes beyond aesthetics. It becomes part of "who we are" or who we want to be, especially as its directly tied to our looks.

However, not everyone's hair journey is the same. Some people bald early, and others may suffer from an autoimmune disease called alopecia, a condition that causes hair to fall out, whether it be in patches or all over.

That's why it was incredibly touching when one woman's boyfriend showed the ultimate form of support and solidarity.

TikTok user eva_barilaro asked her boyfriend to shave her head after many months of regrowing her hair in an emotional video.

TikTok | eva_barilaro

Throughout the video, Eva can be seen wiping away tears.

But the tears really start flowing when her boyfriend suddenly joins her in shaving his own head.

TikTok | eva_barilaro

Good luck holding your own tears back, people!

The video has garnered over 170K likes, and that number only continues growing. Watch it here for yourself.

I just have one question: where can we get a man like Eva's?