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Kelly Clarkson Defends Herself From Mom-Shamers After Giving Her Daughter A New Hairstyle

Celebrity moms have to deal with a lot. It seems like everyone on the Internet has an opinion on the right way to raise a child, and they have no problem sharing that opinion with any famous mom, especially with those who definitely did not ask.

Kelly Clarkson is not here for that kind of mom-shaming and she's made that very clear.

There are a lot of awesome celebrity moms who do fun things with their kids' hair.

Sadly, they're often left dealing with criticism from strangers on the internet who have a lot of opinions.

Like Pink, who caught some heat when she let her daughter Willow shave half of her head.

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Of course, that didn't stop Pink from letting her daughter do whatever she wanted with her hair, just like mom does!

Jessica Simpson faced some backlash after she dyed the ends of her daughter's hair purple.

It was inspired by Disney's Descendants, and she totally rocked it!

Tori Spelling came under fire when she shared pictures of her daughter's hair dyed pink.

Fortunately, even though Tori was met with criticism, she was also supported by many of her followers.

"Raise your kids the way you want hun.. block the high and mighty people that always have nothing good to say!" wrote one fan.

Kelly Clarkson revealed that she let her daughter dye her hair, too!

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Kelly recently tweeted out that, "I put a purple streak in my daughter’s hair today and I swear to you she thinks she is as cool as Prince now," with a crying-laughing emoji.

"Full on air guitar, singing at the top of her lungs, that is what’s happening..." Kelly continued.

Sounds like a cool look!

But she knew the mommy-shamers were about to come knocking.

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Kelly then added, "and before I get attacked for being the worst mom ever, it’s safe, organic paint," she said at the end with an eye-rolling emoji to show the potential mom-shamers exactly how she felt about their criticism.

Looks like this isn't Kelly's first day on the Internet!

The good news is that the majority of mommy-shamers seemed to stay at bay.

Instead, her comments were filled with moms sharing their own children's colorful hair.

We're glad there are fun moms out there who don't care what the Internet trolls might have to say about their kids' choices and lives!

We're sure Kelly's daughter loves her new punk look!

Could this be the end of celeb moms being shamed for letting their kids do whatever they want to with their hair?

Are you onboard for this? Let us know in the comments!