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Woman Attempts To Trade Her Way Up To A House Starting With A Bobby Pin

Did you ever hear about the guy who once set out to trade a bobby pin in exchange for various items all the way up to an actual house? That was quite the story.

Well, now there's a new contender out there trying this experiment. Her name is Demi Skipper and she wants to do the same thing. She's already made a number of interesting trades and it's so fascinating to follow her story through social media.

Demi, just like her predecessor, Canadian blogger Kyle MacDonald, started out with a plain bobby pin.

She ended up trading it to get some cute little earrings, and that's how her trading journey started. Let's see what else she's traded since starting her adventure.

She then traded those earrings for a set of four margarita glasses.

For their retail value, Demi estimated they are worth between $10 to $24. I wonder how she decided to pick these particular items. Perhaps she has some kind of master plan.

What did she get next?

Well, she ended up trading those glasses for a Bissell vacuum cleaner bumping up the value of her trades to the range of $24-$60. Hey, I think I should do that. Perhaps I can get myself a Dyson one day, ha, ha!

She then said goodbye to her Bissell and ended up trading it for a snowboard.

Now she was able to make her way up from $60 to about $95. It's still a long way to a house but I'm rooting for her.

After the snowboard came a cool Apple TV 4K which has a retail value up to $180.

Hmm, I always wondered how these things worked since I've never tried one. I guess she had to keep it unused until the next trade.

These Bose noise-canceling headphones look pretty cool to me.

This is what she traded that Apple TV for. With this trade, her trade value went all the way up to about $220.

She got rid of those headphones and ended up with an Xbox One.

But that didn't stay with her for too long. Soon after, she traded it for an awesome MacBook Pro 2011. Hey, that's the same year as my MacBook Pro, ha, ha!

Sadly, she got rid of that baby, too, and ended up getting a cool camera set-up.

And now the value of her trades went all the way up to about $550. Dang, I dunno if I could do this. I would be too tempted to keep this for myself.

Her project is so fascinating not only to me but to others as well.

Demi has been documenting her trades both on Instagram and TikTok, and she even ended up speaking on Good Morning America about it. I bet that's going to help her trades even more now that she's gone viral.

A couple of trades later, and she actually ended up with a Dodge Caravan. Say what?

OMG, that's so amazing, but she didn't get to keep it. She traded it for a Boosted Board V3 Plus. I guess that's gotta be worth even more.

She then traded that Board for a MacBook Pro 2017 and now you're up to speed.

What do you think? Is she going to trade her way up to a house? I think that wouldn't be too shabby for a 29-year-old. I wish her all the luck in this unique experiment. Be sure to follow her latest trades on Instagram.

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