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10+ Interesting Things About 'Sons Of Anarchy' Star Kim Coates Fans Didn't Know

If you've ever seen Sons of Anarchy — which, let us all be honest, you probably have (because who hasn't?) — then there's a fairly good chance you remember the actor who played Tig, Kim Coates.

But outside of the show, we haven't had the chance to learn much about him. Until now!

Let's get into these interesting facts about the SOA star!

1. He has a ton of theater experience.

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Before becoming a big TV star, Kim's main squeeze was theater.

He appeared in many productions including West Side Story, Twelfth Night and Romeo and Juliet, at Neptune Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada back in the '80s.

2. Initially, he didn't know he wanted to be an actor.


"When I decided to go to university I didn't know what I wanted to do. When I had an opportunity to take an elective I took Drama by chance, even though I'd never taken a Drama course or even been in a play in high school," he said.

"Two years later I was majoring in Drama and I knew I wanted to be an actor," he continued.

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"I still remember the teachers; they had a huge influence on me and were instrumental in becoming who I am today."

3. He once made an appearance on the show, *Prison Break*.

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You might not remember it, but long before Sons of Anarchy hit the ground running, Kim had previously made an appearance on another television cult-favorite, Prison Break.

He guest-starred as Internal Affairs Agent, Richard Sullens.

4. He has two children.

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Much like his character on Sons of Anarchy, he has daughters! They are named Brenna, 28, and Kyla, 23.

"One is saving the world and the other is gonna be a bigger movie star than me," he said.

5. His mom wishes he played less villainous roles.


Honestly, that is kind of the sweetest thing ever.

"My poor mother," he said. "She's all, 'Is it another bad guy? Do you die in this one too?' Like, that's the first thing mum says."

6. Despite being best known for his role in a TV series, he still describes himself as a "movie guy".

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"I didn't know the power of television. I was a movie guy — still am," he said before revealing that since Sons of Anarchy, he has been apart of eight movies.

7. He thought his recent series, *Bad Blood* was going to be filmed in Montreal, but it was filmed in a much less exciting Canadian city.

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"They tricked me," he said in a radio interview. "They said 'Yeah, we're gonna shoot it in Montreal and a little bit of Sudbury.' No, it was a little bit of Montreal and a lot of Sudbury."

8. He once had to shoot a scene 38 times.

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"Well, I’m an internal actor you know, I’ve been doing it a long time. I started on the stage and I’ve been on Broadway, and I was the youngest Macbeth ever at Stratford. I take this very seriously," he said during a Comic-Con roundtable.

9. He is a big fan of old school action movies, and wishes they would make a comeback.


"Those kinds of movies… like The Last Boy Scout… Tony Scott, eh? How sad was that? Anyway, yeah, it held a dear part of my heart. Those early 90s were pretty pivotal for me as a young actor. Getting my green card and becoming an American citizen, it’s all because of those early movies I did, and I loved doing them all," he said.

10. Since *Sons of Anarchy*, he has been dabbling in independent films.

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"I did two little movies back-to-back about a year-and-a-half ago," he said.

"One was called Rufus, it just opened all over the festivals about four or five months ago, and it’ll be out on DVD soon."

"The other one was called Ferocious, and I’m telling you what, man, I’m pretty proud of both, but Ferocious has a special place in my heart," he added.

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"I play identical twins, and they’re both whack, they’re both very different. Amanda Crew and Michael Eklund co-starred with me, and October 1st, it’s gonna be everywhere. If you get the chance, please pick it up. It’s something else, I’m so proud of this little picture, for sure."

11. He is Canadian.


Most of the time, it's fair to assume that actors in American films and TV shows are American. But every so often, a Canadian manages to infiltrate Hollywood, and Kim was one of them.

He was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

12. He is the only actor in history to play the role of someone who drowns someone else in a bathtub of urine.


"I know, right? [laughs] How crazy was that?," he said when told that fact in an interview. "Isn’t that wild? That’s great to hear, honestly," he added.