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You Can Get Funky Hollow Shoes That You Can Fill With Anything You Like

Fashion can make us feel a lot of things. It can make us feel stylish, confident, sexy, and happy. It can also make us feel like a celeb or someone important, even if no one cares.

However, fashion can also have us feeling...confused, like these hollow platform shoes that act as a display for just...things.

Have you ever wished you could use your wardrobe to just display things? Well, you're in luck!

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I'm assuming you answered "yes," because what else would you answer?

Eccentric footwear company YRU Shoes has a pair of shoes that you can fill with whatever you feel like filling them up with.

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Because why not? Just don't ask questions.

The shoes in question are called the QLOUD 2091.

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They're a platform bootie with a clear hollowed out sole that has a velcro "trap door" of sorts that can be pulled back to reveal an opening to fill the sole with an array of items to show off your personality and unique style.

You can fill them up with candy, tiny figurines, pompoms, glitter, food—honestly, think of something relatively small and it can fit in the soles.

While these are mainly meant to display objects, they also make a great compartment for snacking on the go.

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Who needs a purse when you have hollow shoes?

YRU Shoes also has a couple other styles if that one doesn't tickle your fancy.

YRU Shoes

They have a vegan patent "leather" pair called the QLOUD Elevation that has edgy spikes and comes in black or red, as well as a couple other QLOUD designs like the QOZMO and QLOUD 2091 HI.

There's also a cute ballerina slipper-style shoe.

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They're called the SWAN, like Swan Lake duhhhh.

All styles are vegan and retail for $150.

Head to YRU Shoes to check them out and get your own pair.