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Home Depot Is Selling A Giant 12-Foot Skeleton With Light-Up Eyes To Really Creep Out Your Neighbors

There are two types of Halloween decorators out there that we all most likely fall into. There are the more minimal and classic Halloween decor folks who love a good ol' cat, witch, or ghost jack-o'-lantern gracing their steps, and then there are the Halloween-obsessed who basically turn their front lawns into a full-blown haunted house experience. Who knew getting candy could be such an anxiety-ridden experience?

If you fall into the latter category, Home Depot is selling a lawn decoration that will definitely freak out the whole neighborhood.

The world didn't know they needed a giant skeleton lawn ornament for Halloween, but Home Depot is here to prove otherwise.

Home Depot

They're selling a giant, creepy 12-foot tall skeleton that will definitely ensure you win best Halloween house for years to come.

What's more, the skeleton has LED eyes that light up for an even creepier effect.

Home Depot

Imagine just seeing two glowing eyes from above at night time.


The skeleton takes about an hour to build with at least two people, so we hope you have a friend or partner who isn't a scaredy cat.

Home Depot

We're not too sure where to store this when Halloween is over, but why not keep it out and decorate it for the seasons like a porch goose?

If you want to be the creepiest house on the block, this is how you do it.

Home Depot

Get it at Home Depot for $300.