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Fans React To Rumors Of James Corden Replacing Ellen DeGeneres

With the ongoing drama surrounding Ellen DeGeneres and her show, rumors about who will replace Ellen (should her show get fired) have been swirling around social media.

While everyone seems to have their own strong opinion about who would be best for the show, others have their own strong opinions about who would not be good for the show.

One of those decisive celebrities is James Corden.

No offence but there is *literally* is no way you haven't heard of James Corden by now!

James is the British comedian best known for being the host of The Late Late Show with James Corden which should essentially just be called Carpool Karaoke +.

So when rumors of Ellen's show being cancelled began to swirl around social media, James Corden's name popped up as a possible replacement.

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It makes sense, right? He's funny. He has the same goofy content as Ellen, and fans really like the aforementioned CARPOOL KARAOKE SEGMENT!

However, when the news made its way to Twitter, most people weren't super impressed.

Apparently, lot of people really dislike James Corden, and had no issues expressing that dislike on social media.

"James corden is just as nasty [as Ellen] behind the scenes if not more," expressed one user.

"Y'all know people in the UK absolutely LOATHE James Corden, right? There are so many stories about that dude, it would make your head spin," explained another Twitter user.

"All the [expletive] you've heard/read about Ellen, apply it to James. Seriously."

People then began suggesting other funny people to take Ellen's spot.

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Some suggestions included any Saturday Night Live alumni, musician Harry Styles, comedian Craig Ferguson and actress Ellen Page!

What do you think of the rumour? Would you want to watch James in Ellen's place? Let us know in the comments below!