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Home Depot Is Selling A 7-Foot Purple Willow Tree To Light Up The Halloween Season

It used to be that displaying a couple of jack-o'-lanterns, stretching some fake spider webbing over trees and bushes, and maybe popping in an orange light was enough to ring in the spooky season.

These days, people are really taking their Halloween decor to new heights, and this 7-foot glowing willow tree from Home Depot should do the trick.

Are you looking to amp up your Halloween decor and really light things up?

Home Depot

Look no further than this giant light-up willow tree lawn decoration from Home Depot.

The tree is 7-feet tall and filled with micro purple LED lights that make it look enchanted, especially when the branches blow in the wind.

Home Depot

Worried about it raining on Halloween? Not to worry. The metal structure is weather-resistant, so nothing will get in the way of its glow and it will last for spooky seasons to come.

The tree can also be used indoors, and to be honest, we would gladly keep this out all year round for a striking mood light.

Home Depot

If you need this in your life, you can get it from Home Depot for $130.

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