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Michelle Obama Sends Out Touching Birthday Message To Barack For His 59th

What do you get the leader of the free world — or at least, the former leader of the free world — on their birthday? It's not the sort of thing that many of us have to think about, thankfully, because that's a tall order.

Rather than combing through online gift guides, however, it's likely that an outpouring of love from those closest to you will always do nicely.

It's been almost four years since former President Obama's second term in office came to a close.

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Although life has been decidedly more low key for the Obamas since leaving the White House, they have still remained quite busy. Michelle Obama wrote a bestselling memoir, Becoming, that is also being developed into a documentary for Netflix.

In fact, the Obamas founded a production company, Higher Ground, which struck a larger deal with Netflix as well to produce documentaries. One called American Factory has already been nominated for an Oscar.

But it's not just big business keeping the Obamas on the go these days.

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The Obamas also remain enthusiastic about and active in their charity, The Obama Foundation. Its mission is to "inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world" through a number of initiatives focused on developing leaders and empowering young women around the globe.

And as if that's not enough, they've got even more on their plate to try and squeeze in.

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Given their experience, both Michelle and Barack have been in high demand on various speaking circuits, especially as motivators and inspiration for younger generations. Barack in particular was called upon to speak to the nation's graduates when ceremonies around the country had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He did indeed deliver, too.

So yes, even though the Obamas are now well removed from life in the White House, they're still as busy as ever.

And so, to celebrate her husband's 59th birthday, Michelle posted a touching throwback pic on her social media.

It was a simpler time, obviously, with the Obamas just a young family posing under clear blue skies by the ocean, evoking the hopes of breezy days ahead.

"Happy birthday to my favorite guy," Michelle wrote. "Here's to all the good days, blue skies, and new adventures yet to come."