15+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘We Should Tell Them’

The world is full of people who are painfully naive. They're the sorts of people who need a fair amount of hand-holding through life.

And, with this idea in mind, here are 15+ moments that made us go, "We should tell them!"

"Do Nutjobs!"

Reddit | Pircay

Yeah, I can see why they may need to get on changing that right away! You're gonna have a lot of weird people heading to that URL expecting something completely different.

"So the hospital is called Willis-Knighton. They really couldn't come up with a better name for this water?"

Reddit | Lewer001

One thing is for sure, you really don't want to ask them how they source this "water."

That's Not How That Works!

Reddit | mario-paolo-spano

That must be one hell of a strange class they're teaching if these are the family trees they are analyzing!

"I was utterly oblivious to his distress."

Reddit | cowen33

I feel that there are thousands of kids out there who were terrorized by being forced onto amusement park rides by their dads.

The World's Worst Ad!

Reddit | [Deleted]

Leduc Garden Centre must have gotten a crack team of advertising gurus to think of this! They should probably have fresh pants being delivered by the looks of things though.

The Canal Museum Has Rebranded.

Reddit | M27fiscojr

How many weirdos do we think went in asking horrific questions before they realized something was wrong with the sign?

"That gate sure is necessary."

Reddit | CptTrimBeard

"So, should I extend the fence right to the wall?"

"Jeez! What am I, made of fences?! That'll do!"

"Unfortunate mistake in advertising..."

Reddit | Saroekin

There really should have been someone who picked up on this before it went to print. I'm sure the girl in the picture on the left was thrilled when she saw this!

"Ah yes, the traditional American flag."

Reddit | v1ncent97

Aside from the obvious mistake here, why are they trying to market Bruschetta as American or British food anyway?!

This Church Needs To Chill!

Reddit | griftylifts

They really need to rethink their message. I also don't like the idea of God taking pictures of me when I'm not expecting it.

"Does She Know?"

Reddit | Kdial2002

I suspect that D may actually know, and may have been a marketing genius all along!

"I have always wanted to be a horse back."

Reddit | clodet_s

I never thought that anyone would need to have it explained to them how these very simple things work. However, the person who made this is clearly in need of an explanation.

"Only my boyfriend's certification he worked months on. Thats all. Screw you USPS!"

Reddit | TheOnesWithin

I wonder when the people at USPS will realize that "do not bend" actually means that you're not supposed to bend a thing?!

"Highlighted the bad part of family."

Reddit | UserAccountBeta

Yeah, I'd probably buy one of these atrocities in fairness. Are there people out there who buy things like this because they seriously think they look nice, and not because they're awful?

"Soon to be a top 5 jump scare in this [guy's] life."

Reddit | NyBryce

But, there is a house right there! Just go inside and use the inside toilet! Also, he must be hammered for four police officers to have crept up on him like that!

"Oh for God's sake, just look at it!"

Reddit | Satori_52

I mean, it sure as hell catches your eye, which is what you want in a logo. Although, it doesn't catch your eye for any of the right reasons!

".5 seconds before realizing she missed the glass."

Reddit | catnip4sale

Judging from this picture, I'm assuming that this is not the first bottle that this person had drunk that day!

"Sewer cover on bicycle track wide enough for the wheels to get stuck."

Reddit | lordpancake22

I can just imagine the person putting these in: They were once betrayed by a bicycle and now this is their final revenge!

"Strict rules!"

Reddit | Uberfrank2016

Errr, Debbie, I think that you need to rethink that sign. It's really not giving off the right message right now.

"Failure is not an option."

Reddit | Master1718

Someone needs to tell the person who lives here to buy a damn doormat! Not everything needs to be a challenge!

"My dad checking into a hotel. They were both completely oblivious."

Reddit | jrb0

Legend has it that if two dads wearing identical dad outfits touch one another that the universe will be torn in half.

"How am I supposed to wash my hands?"

Reddit | coolorectal

If people can't use the hand sanitizer then the actual bottle will be nice and clean...which is something... I guess?

"The Braille on the 'ALARM' and 'STOP' button on this bus are the same."

Reddit | YaBoiJasper

I hope that there aren't any blind people who are experiencing an emergency on that bus!

"This lock and alarm store is called 'Easy2access.'"

Reddit | fallevitus8495

You'd think that there would have been at least one person who'd have flagged this glaring inconsistency?!

"What planet are they living on."

Reddit | justin213333

The person who made this obviously couldn't be bothered to actually look up a map of the world. They just had a map of America and thought, "That'll do, just loads of that!"

"A convenient place to store your balls."

Reddit | BionicPelvis

I can actually see a lot of people buying these for their kids without realizing what they were buying.

"When you go to eat a banana but it's corn."

Reddit | zimmtt

If that corn wants to dress up like a banana then let it dress up like a banana! Stop judging it!

"This idiot... ignoring two effective solutions to his problem."

Reddit | pullara

This is one of those pictures that just makes me sigh and worry for the future of this planet. We are all doomed.

"I just got home, my wife is in our bedroom and I see this [thing] on the bench, felt the rage of the gods grow within me then I turned it over."

Reddit | AllAboardTheNaglfar

"Honey, you're...using moth traps?"

"It's not what it looks like!"

"No, you know we're a "trap in a cup and release outside" only household!"

"I was going to buy some chips when I noticed this little guy."

Reddit | UnderContra

I hope he gets out of there! I wouldn't want anyone thinking he's cheese onion-flavored!

"I put a rake in our flag holder to see how long it would take my wife to say something. It's been three days."

Reddit | wayoftheleaf81

The best thing to show patriotism for: outside chores and lawn care.

"I told friends back home that I kept seeing nonsense English on clothing in Japan [...]."

Reddit | ThePeoplesBard

This sounds vaguely inspirational, but I can't make enough sense of it to be sure.

Need A Little Help.

Reddit | Astrid00

This poor dog went through such a trial. The caption read, "Dad took our dog Archie for a walk. When they got back Dad went to eat breakfast. He came back outside afterwards to see Archie was 'stuck'. His back foot was on the lead so it strained when he walked forward. So he was 'trapped'. Dad lifted his back foot and saved him."

"I know a good bargain when I see one."

Reddit | GolanALB

I see they finally started harvesting that fountain of youth. Took them long enough.

"[Seen] at the McDonald’s drive thru this morning."

Reddit | JonathanBafa

Now this is a prank. Harmless, funny, others can participate, and leaves the recipient feeling like they've gone nuts.

"Went to see Monument Valley last week. The view was amazing."

Reddit | hansschepers

What looks like a goofy photo actually becomes something really sweet. According to one comment, "I think that is photographer Bob Carey. His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and he dresses up in a tutu as part of an [ongoing] awareness series." Check out The Tutu Project to learn more!

"[Noticed] while cooking at my folks' house last weekend."

Reddit | petitbleuchien

It's sad that they use so little cayenne pepper that this could even happen. That stuff's amazing!

"New product at the grocery store!"

Reddit | DankestMage99

Seems like these would be perfect at the end of a long, rough day.

"[...] my girlfriend's avocado cutting skills."

Reddit | no_sam

I'm truly shocked that she managed to cut through that pit. Wrong or right, your girlfriend's got some muscles.

"My tomato plant is killing it. Was going to make classic tomato soup until I noticed my big jalapeno harvest. Looks like we're having salsa instead boys!"

Reddit | jerkyballs

Phew, you better cut those plants back before they take over your whole yard! You'll be vegetable rich!

"I was unpacking boxes after a move and noticed a box my brother packed labeled 'ball map'. It was a globe. He just started college."

Reddit | cityofgarbage

Perfect timing. It's in college where he'll learn they're called globes. Hopefully.

"Funny bathroom decoration I saw last night. The homeowner said most people don't even notice."

Reddit | UrbanCobra

Did he say it with a nervous tone while awkwardly laughing? Are you sure it's just a decoration?

"Got interviewed at Santa Con. I really hope no one notices the candy cane until its already aired."

Reddit | zomgitsduke

Finally, we have an answer to the definitely classic question. He's not happy to see you, it really is just a candy cane in his pants.

"He will wake up to a haunting realization."

Reddit | Palifaith

Someone really needs to wake him up and let him know, as it looks like he may still have a piece or two left in that box that haven't yet been dropped!

"This Hummus restaurant maybe shouldn't include their slogan in the context of toilet paper."

Reddit | adrenal8

Oh, dear God. Yeah, that really sends the wrong message! Also, fix the plumbing instead of monitoring how much toilet paper people are using!