17+ Regretful People Who Wish They Could Take It All Back

Everyone has a handful of regrets in their life. I mean, I have a veritable treasure trove of stupid decisions in my past... but we're not here to talk about me!

So, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these 17+ people who have a few regrets!

"Great Hangover!"

Reddit | Nic0487

You know that this guy has one hell of a rough day ahead of him. He should just count himself lucky that he didn't freeze in the night!

Regretting Everything!

Reddit | empcc

It is amazing how expressive those little eyes are! Truly, dogs are some of nature's most graceful creatures!

Is It Too Late To Return It?

Reddit | superpatty

One person added, "I got drums for Christmas once and my parents put them in the yard close to the neighbor. Years later I realized they did it because our neighbor tied up her dog outside that barked all night"

"Be careful with your pockets!"

Reddit | yesterdaddy

That phone is gonna need one hell of a fix up after this! It doesn't look like the bike is going to be too healthy either!

"I made a huge mistake with this faceswap of my wife and son."

Reddit | cyclopath

Someone pointed out that this kid now has a real look of Ellen DeGeneres, and I cannot unsee it!

"My friend made a small mistake on his German exam."

Reddit | thesnooka

At least they made this mistake on this written exam and not in an actual conversation with a German person. That would have been much more embarrassing.

Not What They Seem!

Reddit | HiTripp

How many sleazy-looking men in grimy overcoats have the people at The Sextant had to have uncomfortable conversations with before they just put this up?!

"Zeppelin fan passes out drunk backstage, misses out on meeting John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl."

Reddit | Mish106

That is one hell of a bad friend who took these photos and didn't try harder to just wake this poor guy up!

"Instant Regret!"

Reddit | ZBGT

Oh, so it's okay when she wants to get into the monkey's personal space for a picture, but when the situations are reversed she runs away?! Very rude!

"Please be chicken."

Reddit | AksTheGreat

You know what? Just play it safe and do not eat that! There would not be enough money on Earth to make me eat that.

"Marathon runner ran 26.3 miles to spell out 'BOSTON STROG' in her fitness app."

Reddit | Mcarps424

This is even worse when you take into consideration what the Urban Dictionary definition of "Strog" is. I don't think I can explain it here but trust me that it's weird.

Who Is The Sucker Now?!

Reddit | Theron7050

Unless this is actually the best hint ever and their password is, "Hints are for suckers!" That would be incredible.

"Regret Noing

Reddit | simonowens

I think that they have done this to be satirical. However, this is still absolutely horrendous and they should be very embarrassed about having this!

"Mistakes were made."

Reddit | mike_pants

It was at this moment that Mittens realized she had made a truly huge mistake. I can hear the panicked meowing through this picture!

"So my girlfriend's ex got a tattoo. Find the mistake."

Reddit | Aftersun78

Yep, and the correct answer is the whole thing. The entire thing is the mistake. This is somehow even worse than the "Regret Nohing" tattoo.

"Useless Sign!"

Reddit | K3nAd4

The time you spent reading that sign is time that you will never get back! To think that we have such finite time on this mad planet, and I just spent a few seconds of it reading that.


Reddit | zaphod0002

If that cat is so panicked by this quite unthreatening situation, I dread to think how it would have handled being stuck on a haybale like that last cat!

"Ran the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon last weekend. I made a huge mistake. My girlfriend (behind me) had a blast."

Reddit | StinkyCobra

The photographer really did this guy dirty with this picture! He's like the opposite of the ridiculously photogenic guy.

Slime Everywhere!

Reddit | lukiiiiii

This horrific picture was explained as such: "A truck hauling slime eels to a Depoe Bay fish plant lost its load at the northern base of Cape Foulweather, splattering and damaging five other vehicles with thousands of squirming, slime-producing fish."

"I couldn't find my phone but it was connected to the bluetooth so I figured it was somewhere in... or out of the car."

Reddit | schelie

First there was the phone in the bike chain, and now this?! What are people doing with their phones to get them stuck in these ridiculous places!?

"I might not have thought this through..."

Reddit | CTRexPope

Well, looks like you need to get chugging come olive oil! Although, just the idea of actually drinking olive oil nearly made me wretch.

"My sister taught math to 4th graders in China. Honest mistake."

Reddit | tinatinatinatina

Well, she can't really fault them for this. It is important to be incredibly clear when it comes to teaching kids!

"Oops, someone left the gas nozzle in..."

Reddit | woweewow

That was either one hell of a strong hose, or this is one hell of a weak truck! My money is on it being a weak truck!

"Ignored my girlfriend's texts after a tough shift at work. She took her frustration out on my TV, RIP big guy."

Reddit | zzaman

I'm hoping that this guy realized that he should probably not be in this relationship after this happened!

"A big mistake is about to be made."

Reddit | angrypotato1

I've done a lot of things while drunk that I have later regretted, but nothing quite as severe as the mistake that this man is about to make.

"Parents make mistakes too."

Reddit | 0NlXq

Christ, can you actually imagine writing something as blandly asinine as "Believe that hope is the strongest magic of all" as your yearbook quote?

"Jonah Hill dropping his coffee..."

Reddit | im_wabbit_hunting

Ah, they have perfectly captured that moment of blissful ignorance before someone realizes the tragedy that has befallen them.

"After trying unsuccessfully for many months to get pregnant my wife and I decided to get a puppy... I've made a huge mistake."

Reddit | Augray_Sorn

There is too much cuteness in this one picture. Someone in the comments joked that they should call him the Ultrahound, and I cannot emphasize how much I wish I had thought of that joke.

A Real Reason To Cry.

Reddit | Mwall9

At least your eyes will be smelling fresh all day now!

"My cousin works as an EMT. If you misspell a word you have to wear the C-Collar until the next person messes up."

Reddit | Rapadersh

Now if only we had one of these for the internet at large. We could teach everyone to proofread through public humiliation.

"My coworker was trying to delete 20,000 files, but missed the recycling bin."

Reddit | zachilicious

Well, time to get rid of the whole computer now. No point in trying, just start fresh on a new one.

"My [7-year-old] son's brilliant way to never lose the only key he has for this lock."

Reddit | ThadeusWerner

He's right, though! He's never gonna lose the key this way!

"Great customer service."

Reddit | big-ol-lad

Love the sticker that has "frog" on it. If they're going to catch a wild animal in their store, they're gonna label it correctly.

"I think my dad is losing it..."

Reddit | rnmba

I'm sure something dramatic and sad like "Mad World" is playing in his head while he stares out into the rain. Leave him be. He's having a moment.

"I kept losing my son during the family reunion. He just started walking, so I found a solution to keep tabs on him."

Reddit | mynickname86

Before this, I've seen people use similar techniques on pet turtles that roam around their house. The line between child and pet gets blurrier every day.

"I Think Cole Messed Up."

Reddit | Strebeck

I think it was half Cole, half his friends, as she seems pretty mad at them, too. Hell hath no fury, etcetera etcetera.

"Why you don't mess with beanbags."

Reddit | BehindYourLeftEar

I dunno, he seems pretty chill about it! Looks like fun! Surely these aren't the biggest pain to clean.

A Pretty Big Apology.

Reddit | AaronTheBeaner

I don't know what this guy did, but if it warrants a bouquet this big, it also probably warrants a breakup.

"Nobody messes with this kid!"

Reddit | Ge_Sto

We don't need to worry about alien invasions anymore. This kid's got us covered if they ever so much as see an alien.

Mistakes Have Been Made.

Reddit | DV8HARD

Looking at the box behind them, there's a lot of these foam running men. What do you even do with these? The normal ones, anyway.

"So my dad's building a house..needless to say, someone messed up."

Reddit | pghjoe49

Everyone in the comments got on this Reddit poster, explaining, "no the top stairs will slide over this is just temporary." Man! I wanted to have a funny haha moment and laugh at the V stairs, not learn something about construction. Jeez.

"My friend keeps his dog in his room to stop it from making a mess when they leave, result."


Are they sure they own a dog and not a small bear or rhino?

"The saddest picture you will see today."

Reddit | alexcrelled

All I can hear is "The Sound Of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel playing loudly whenever I look at this picture!

"I regret buying from Lexus of Tulsa."

Reddit | skeptikon

Do you think that they might regret buying from Lexus of Tulsa? Something is telling me that they just might...

"My wife and I are having to move after both being laid off. Tonight is her Zoom farewell girls night, but we packed all of our corkscrews. I will not be deterred."

Reddit | TheRed_Guardian

If there's one thing you need after all that, it's absolutely a glass of wine. Be it through drill or breakage, you will get your drink.