15+ Times We Took A Glimpse At The Fascinating Past

Be it through finding an old relic, evidence of a bygone era, or the mixing of old and new, being reminded of the past is oftentimes exciting and eye-opening.

May the items on this list take you on your own blast to the past so you can remember some good times too!

"Husband received a letter he wrote to himself in 1998."

Reddit | Dollygrace7

When someone asked for the answers to his younger self's questions, the uploader returned to list them, "Life’s not bad, [...] has too many [games], special effects are marginally better than in ‘98, [...] he for sure remembers watching [Titanic], went to college, plays guitar, arts and writes occasionally, still has the N64."

"I work for the railway and found this Gatorade carton in near mint condition in a tunnel. Date on the top says June 16, 1988."

Reddit | shesgreasy

The comments were filled with people remembering having these packed in lunches, or given to them during their sports games. A sweet memory lineup for a cool find!

"The more this seat is worn down the more it reveals the old design."

Reddit | GhostWokiee

That loud, multicolored pattern will not let itself be covered! It was so much more dynamic, it deserves to shine again!

"Vintage board games found in an attic of new house."

Reddit | jlvy85

This is a photo I can smell. I had a few old board games growing up, and that not-quite-wet cardboard scent still lingers.

"The front cover and last page of a 1990 Rolling Stone Bart Simpson magazine I found in my things."

Reddit | peggybackbitch

The impact The Simpsons had is still obvious in media today, but in the '90s it was so much more so. One of those crazes you had to be around to understand!

"Sobranie Cigarettes given out to wedding guests from 1963."

Reddit | hansko1o

I'm not saying we should bring back cigarettes as party favors, but I am saying we should bring back this color palette. It's gorgeous!

"The brand of hot dogs I'm grilling is advertised in the 26 year old newspaper I'm using as a firestarter."

Reddit | santanovak

I guess all those newspaper adds really paid off if they're still in business!

"My grandmother's Russian playing cards from 1967."

Reddit | napoleonreincarnate

I understand that this is just my taste for vintage, but these look so stunning. What happened to uneccesarily ornate design like this?

"My mom uses an old iron as a paper holder."

Reddit | ShyButSocial

While it's always nice to appreciate antiques, some genuinely aren't worth using anymore. That doesn't mean you can't make new uses for them, though!

"My library still stamps the due date inside the book, and I’m the first person to check this one out in over 15 years."

Reddit | Andromeda321

This makes me a little existential, imagining all the books in my local library that haven't been touched in decades, just waiting to be read again.

"This Starbucks in Indiana has a framed photo commemorating the day the staff and customers survived a tornado by sheltering in the store’s bathroom together."

Reddit | TheVantasy

Less of a kind memory, but one filled with strength and resilience! I hope the employees got a bonus, and the customers a gift card.

"This in use bridge at one of my local parks."

Reddit | fftjtrhjrdx

This bridge sure does show its age, and its dangers, but I guess the city knows best!

"Found a drawing of a robot in a chemistry book from 1918."

Reddit | 9Sandwich

'The Tin Gentleman' sounds like a great band name if anyone wants to swoop that up.

"McDonald's in an old post office in Ireland."

Reddit | maximum_94

Send a letter and have your lunch at the same time! Who says errands need to be separate?

"Found someone’s 116 year old travel itinerary tucked in an antique Guidebook to Paris."

Reddit | LickNux

According to the uploader, many of the things this old tourist had wanted to see were art related. I could tell they were an art lover by the beautiful handwriting, they were an artist themself!

"This house built on top of a railway tunnel."

Reddit | lockmoorsfood

The obvious difference in age and the eeriness of the tunnel is leading me to believe that house is totally haunted now.

"The amount of old phones I found while [cleaning] my Grandpa's office."

Reddit | Trizocbs

It truly wasn't that long ago where phones were much clunkier, and when landlines were standard! How quickly things can change.

"Found a Lysol can from the last pandemic."

Reddit | anythingfromtheshop

Wow, I actually forgot about H1N1. I bet they made killer sales that year.

"Came across this Blockbuster box in Alexandria, Virginia."

Reddit | rockxroyalty

This is like one of those tiny libraries! I love stuff like this, the free share of entertainment is a great thing.

"The temporary wartime golf rules in Britain for WW2."

Reddit | HeatDeath10

Man, golf was a dangerous sport back in the day. Was more interesting too, though. What are the chances we could bring these rules back?

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