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Twitter Can't Decide If The 'Hammock Tub' Is The Best Or Worst New Bathroom Trend

Yup, you read that right: hammock tubs. It's not what you're imagining, trust me. It's actually so much weirder.

Twitter user @j_aliciaa alerted the internet to the existence of hammock tubs, and it's an understatement to say that people had opinions on this tub. Once you see them, you'll understand why. Here we go.

Meet the hammock tub.

Yup, it's exactly as terrifying as I thought it would be! The hammock tub is mounted on both sides of your bathroom and literally floats in the middle.

I do not know how you get in these things.

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I found a picture of someone bathing in one, but I have yet to see how someone would get in one. Trust and believe I would fall on my naked butt trying to.

So, to the Twitter thread:

User @j_aliciaa was super enamored with the design and decided to post them on Twitter.

See, the thing about posting things on Twitter is that people can see the things you post on Twitter. And they love to have opinions about it.

I can't pretend this wasn't my thought as well.

You know you'd spend your time in there totally paranoid that the whole thing was going to collapse with you inside it. No, thank you! Hard pass.

This is also a valid question.

Apparently, there's a drain at the bottom of the tub that you pull when you're done, which means you also have to build a drain into the floor of wherever you're hanging your tub.

Someone also noticed the weird floor.

Um, what on earth is on the floor? Packing peanuts? Actual peanuts? Decorative balls? None of that seems safe to walk on when you're dripping wet, tbh.


I'm looking to relax in my tub, not think about the constant and very real threat of my tub trying to kill me. That's for horror movies exclusively.

Someone figured out how to get out of it.

I can 100% picture myself slugging it out of there like Heimlich from A Bug's Life. Maybe the shower floor should have some safety padding, just in case.

Wait, ask me how much it is.

Go ahead. Ask.

It's $33,259.00. For a TUB. Y'all mind if I run down to Home Depot and get myself a regular tub for a fraction of that cost?