12+ Pinterest Fails That Made Us Feel Better About Our Own DIY Attempts

Behind every successful DIY are five failed ones and at least three hot glue burns. That's just DIY science.

For those of us who have battled bravely though a project just to totally blow it, here's some hope: Other people have also messed up their Pinterest DIYs. You are not alone.

Let's check out the best of the worst!

Guy Fawkes called, he wants his face back.

Reddit | Robotromance

"An attempt at a Guy Fawkes origami mask turned pinterest fail."

It's... it's something! It sure does look like something. Actually, it looks like a Transformer halfway through transforming from a car to a robot.

I just don't know what to say.

Reddit | samofny

I definitely think that a dipped apple is a really difficult thing to do, and there's a reason why we buy them instead of DIY-ing them.

But girl, where did those faces go?

Resin is a tough medium.

" My attempt at a little aquarium paperweight has gone awry. Lessons: air bubbles are harder to manage in a smaller space," @juliecandothat wrote on Instagram.

Well...water has bubbles, right?

Oh...that's tragic.

Reddit | Mah_ree_tahh

Apparently, it was meant to be a scalloped potato roll. And while it may not look pretty, it was still delicious! So it wasn't a total disaster.

This is the opposite of magical.

Reddit | KnowledgeInIgnorance

Alright, so I can't sit here and pretend that I thought the fail wands were actually weird hot dogs at first. With apologies to the creator of those works of art.

Everything was going so well...

This little turtle bead project was over-ironed, hence the melty plastic turtle. To be fair, it would probably fit in around some Dr. Suess creatures, right?

This one woke up on the wrong side of the pumpkin patch.

When all you want to do is take a sweet pumpkin picture for Instagram, but your little one is just not having it. Honestly? This is a way more memorable picture!

Turkey day will never be the same.

Reddit | that_allen_dude

Shout out to that one almost-finished turkey who clearly was going to be the only successful bird of the bunch. Tbh, I'd still eat them. Hand 'em over.

I have no idea what these are meant to be.

But they sure are melted. Instagram user @martinejoyart explained: "Maybe these would work just as well with PVA glue! That dries clear, right? And so much cheaper than resin!!"


Something dark happened here.

Hydro-dipping is no joke. If you mess it up once, there's not a lot you can do to fix it. Those Birkenstocks will never be the same.

Believe it or not, this was supposed to be a snowman.

It kind of looks like a monument to a virus. Omg. Next time, maybe three different-sized foam balls would make it look more like a snowman?

This baby was not having it.

I guess they have to be out of diapers before they can truly appreciate a spa day. I don't know how they got the shot of that first baby, but I commend them.

Mask up, y'all!

Honestly, it's the thought that counts here. Cutting a pattern for a mask is not as easy as it looks, especially if you're not used to cutting fabric.

This hat is frankly incredible.

It'll do nothing for you, but damn, if it doesn't look hilarious. It sure does look like a certain prophylactic, doesn't it? Or maybe that's just me...

An attempt sure was made.

Listen. Maybe they all melted together. Maybe they're a little darker than they were supposed to be. But I bet they're still delicious as hell, right? I'd eat one of those in a heartbeat.

Even hotels are guilty of the occasional DIY fail.

This hotel attempted to add a frame to their mirrors, but I guess they weren't too into using construction glue. Command strips are totally the same, right?

Ombré walls are WAY harder than they look.

Pinterest makes it look like an absolute breeze, but it's not! Wall paint doesn't blend the same way regular paint does. I'd advise mixing the colours and slowly adding layers, instead of trying to blend on the wall.

I will pay someone to tell me what this is.

At first I thought maybe it was a panda morphing into one of those pigs from Angry Birds? Or maybe Frankenstein's monster and his new friend? Who's to say.

At least they're the right color? Sort of?

"Time 10:45 pm My Earth Day cookies. It's a Pinstrosity!! Darn you Pinterest for making me believe I could do this!" Instagram user @wingsandrootsfarm really speaks for all of us with that last sentence.

This had me in tears.

That poor little Lego man never stood a chance. Apparently, Pinterest said that it's possible to microwave salt dough. Please use this post as living proof that you absolutely cannot.

Do not mix resin and humidity.

Resin usually has bubbles, but I have never seen it straight-up foam before. If you're working with resin, make sure the humidity isn't too high! Unless you want a swamp look to it. Then go ahead with your bad self.

This octopus bread is practically begging for help.

Reddit | pupypup2

I'll be honest: I did not know octopus bread was actually a thing until seeing this Reddit post. In theory, it looks adorable! When this poor Reddit user's sister tried her own attempt, though, well... I'll let the photo speak for itself.