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Black Mom Films 'Kens' Harassing Her At Restaurant Over Baby's Cooing

At some point in life, we're all going to end up dealing with someone who gets in our face and starts a situation we want nothing to do with.

Whether it's because they felt the need to take their bad day out on someone or because we happened to land on one of their pet peeves, the fact is that we managed to set them off just by minding our own business.

Although this can happen to anyone, the sad reality is that it's an even more common phenomenon for people of color as the simple fact of how they look can make them a target of harassment and even frivolous calls to the police.

And as we'll see in the full video, some people just seem to look for an excuse to engage in this kind of behavior.

When one mom took her one-year-old daughter and 13-year-old sister to an Umezono Sushi and Grill restaurant in Las Vegas, she knew right away that she would face trouble from two other patrons.

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As she wrote on Instagram, the two men pictured here stared her down as soon as she entered and complained about her daughter within five minutes of her arrival.

She also said they referred to her as "radical left" for unclear reasons.

She then said the man in the white shirt made racist comments toward her that she elected not to repeat in her post, at which point she began filming them.

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This prompted the two men to begin filming her in kind, which she can be heard saying she has no issue with.

However, the man in the white shirt did raise her concern after he encroached on the mom's space without a mask on.

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He then said, "This is what happens when someone has a dinner that makes their children really, really noisy."

The mom then repeatedly told him that he needs to step back in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which he apparently failed to appreciate.

He finally returned to his seat after a restaurant employee approached him.

It's worth noting that throughout the video, the one-year-old's noises could be described as light cooing.

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At no point during the video does she scream or cry and the only noise she makes that could possibly be construed as raising her voice occurs after the man has already approached her family.

After the two men regrouped, the exchange between them and the mom continues, which prompts the mom to say, "OK, Ken."

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This is apparently her choice for a male counterpart of the widely expressed "Karen" archetype observed among retail workers when customers make a scene for petty reasons.

Eventually, we can see the same employee who approached the man in the white shirt earlier speak to the pair.

Based on a further Instagram photo that shows one of the men arguing with the employee outside of the restaurant, he apparently asked the two to leave.

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We can also see that he's wearing a face mask in a way that doesn't cover his nose, which makes it insufficient in catching his facial droplets.

The mom said the encounter left her heartbroken, particularly for for young daughter, Mila.

As she wrote, "This is the world we live in!!! This is America. I am so sorry Mila, so lost for words."

The recording of the encounter is available here in a series of three videos.

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