15+ Pics That Really Capture This Moment In History

The first St. Patrick's Day of the 2020s was a bust. Spring is here, but no one's that excited. Of course, we all know the reasons why. We're living in seriously scary times. But if you can't laugh, you'll cry — so let's look at a few different aspects of the COVID-19 crisis.

Grow your own.

Reddit | dpjhyland

I mean, this is a joke, but the more toilet paper stocker-uppers we see, the more people might start seeing this as a viable option for their TP woes.

Do better.

Reddit | jscleland

This is the scene at Amazon headquarters, where new hires are being trained in the midst of a pandemic. Could they not have spread people out a little more?

The decline.

Reddit | TheTonz

Even after stocking up the food supplies that I could, and even with a kitchen full of supplies, I'm feeling some of the same food anxiety after witnessing the madness of local grocery stores.

Returning heroes.

Reddit | sami_ul_haq

These doctors are returning from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak. They're receiving a salute, deservedly so, from Chinese army members.

Just wait awhile.

Reddit | Fr3shBread

This casino recently shut its doors. I appreciate the addendum the put on their electronic sign. Seriously, we all just need to hunker down. We'll be able to gamble our life savings away again soon enough.

Costco dunking on hoarders.

Reddit | loadurbrain

Supplies hoarders can be charged with price-gouging. They've been banned from big reselling platforms like Craigslist. But if they want to return their mountains of TP, they're totally out of luck.

Things can get boring.

Reddit | Sensedog

If you're able to work from home, you're probably keeping busy. But those who are in self-isolation with no work to do need to find other ways to engage themselves.

Good on you.

Reddit | CryptoExodus

I really hope these supplies went to people who really needed them. These aren't just old canned goods, either — there's bread, tortillas, granola bars and — yes — TP and hand sanitizer.

Better safe than sorry.

Reddit | Iknowthings01

Yes, this cat is getting screened for symptoms of the coronavirus. The expression on its face pretty much says it all.

Stay safe, be kind...rewind?

Reddit | me_colin

Movie theaters are one of those businesses that just can't stay open in the midst of a pandemic. Thank goodness for Netflix.


Reddit | SilverZero0

This is a powerful, simple message that everyone who's not in the medical field should take to heart. Weird that it comes in the form of a sand sculpture, but whatever.

Helping hands.

Reddit | WaseemAfridi

For seniors who have to do their own shopping, the outside world is a dangerous place right now. A bottle of hand sanitizer in their car will help them stay clean until they can get to a sink.

Backed up.

Reddit | nutitoo

This queue of trucks is waiting at Zgorzelec on the Polish border. It's a reminder of the sacrifices that people in many industries are making to keep stores supplied.

Playing 4D chess.

Reddit | Uketesia

This guy on the subway in Tbilisi, Georgia is getting pretty extreme. At least that contraption will definitely stop him from touching his own face.

Learn the distance.

Reddit | vingatnite

These signs are popping up at many stores and supermarkets. When this is all said and done, everyone is going to know exactly how far two meters is.

We may see a lot of humorous posts from people making do in this situation, but it's important to remember that even now, we're seeing heavy costs.

Reddit | lsmullen

Just one example concerns this man, who is crying because the business he owns will now have to close its doors.

As if it wasn't enough to worry for your health, this crisis will leave many Americans wondering how they'll financially survive the pandemic.

Still, these strange times have at least shown us that a lot of people out there really care.

Reddit | Burnskee

The uploader of this picture also found himself out of work and received this thoughtful gift soon after he mentioned it to his elderly neighbor.

What's also interesting is that times like these have a way of showing us who some people really are.

Reddit | mike5322

Yeah, it definitely doesn't say much about the abilities of psychics if a whole convention of them never saw something so big coming.

As people find themselves spending a lot more time on their own, some have started to get pretty creative.

Reddit | alOOshXL

For instance, here we someone who has managed to turn their frogs into a Venusaur and an Ivysaur, respectively.

Not only are the results pretty cute, but they finally clue us in to what exactly a Bulbasaur is supposed to be.

From the looks of things, we might be seeing some new themes in our lcoal street art for a while.

Reddit | LKIkost

It's very clever and well done, but it also feels like something we'll have to explain to future generations once all of this is over.

It seems there will always be litterbugs in our world, but there's a different character to what they're throwing on the ground now.

Reddit | Hooskerdoo

From the looks of it, these people put on gloves to go shopping, but then tossed them aside before driving home.

So now somebody else gets to put themselves at risk. Lovely...

Although we've definitely seen panic buyers hoard some bizarre things, what's just as fascinating is what they leave behind.

Reddit | iAmBear85

Although so many shelves now lay bare, anyone with a gluten-free diet who visits this store will be pleasantly surprised to find a whole range of options atill available to them.

Those of you who aren't familiar with the outifts Medieval plague doctors used to wear will probably become well-acquainted with the look over the next few weeks.

Reddit | GayDemonCrowley

A lot of us have been following this sign's advice a lot since all this has started, but now we picture a guy in tights and creepy mask while we do it.

Although we normally wouldn't think much of this scene, the fact that this photo was taken on March 18, 2020 is doing a lot to get people's dander up.

Reddit | ColdBoreShooter

If there was ever a time to frolic on a crowded beach, this is definitely not it. I wonder how many of them will end up regretting this decision?

I never thought we'd get a message of hope from a roadside dinosaur, but these are indeed strange times.

Reddit | Anekcm33

Although at this point, saying something like this definitely feels like jinxing it. Don't give 2020 any ideas, dinosaur.

The owner of this box and I obviously have very different attitudes about our self-isolation snacks.

Reddit | TheMasonicZelph

I've actually felt kind of guilty about eating them because it means someone else in the house doesn't get to enjoy them, but this man apparently filled a "safe box" with his just so his wife can't get at them.

We all have our own priorities, I guess.

It's easy to forget during all of our preparations, but those used to regular haircuts will have to make quite the adjustment now.

Reddit | NotedHeathen

It seems like this guy's girlfriend gave him a pretty fresh cut at one point during this process, but then she just kept going.

Although online shopping has been a lifesaver for a lot of people lately, that hasn't necessarily been the experience for people who used Wish.

Reddit | Bryan31285

Apparently, that's where the uploader got this pack of "toilet paper" and the results have obviously left a lot to be desired.

Seriously, what's even the point of this? To give Barbie something to wipe with?

Even for those who didn't get scammed, doing all your shopping online can still take some getting used to.

Reddit | yeahidontknoweither

This person, for instance, thought they were ordering only three bananas. Yeah, oops.

If anyone has any recipes that require bananas, I'm sure they'll appreciate them.

While it's a little early to call this chapter in our lives the apocalypse, scenes like this make it easy to understand why people would feel that way.

Reddit | mindmerciful

When life starts to imitate promotional material for The Walking Dead, it's only natural to get a little worried.

They're our greatest hope.

Reddit | puttputt

Given the frequently combative relationship between the scientific and faith communities, it's good to see signs like this. It's scientists who will eventually produce a vaccine for us.

Very Canadian.

Reddit | the-d-man

This Canadian news outlet is still getting the news out, but they're practicing social distancing by taping their mic to (of course) an old hockey stick.

I'll take it.

Reddit | Wolfbite47

Corona beer must be having a tough time right now. At least this unfortunately-named virus leaves people with a beer that will probably never get sold out again.

Pants are the first thing to go.

Reddit | hoosiernamechecksout

I've been wearing sweatpants, slippers, and hoodies for most of the past few years. But this month's events have made me really double down on this wardrobe selection.

Stay safe, everyone.