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10+ Of Rebel Wilson's Most Iconic Moments

Is Rebel Wilson ever not funny?

She simply knows how to tickle our funny bone with everything she does, whether that's roasting the royals, mocking Cats, or showing off her insane rapping skills.

This has led to some pretty iconic moments throughout the years — ones that we're still watching, again and again.

Ready to laugh? Check out 10+ of her most iconic moments.

1. When she starred in *Bridesmaids*:

After all, it is the movie that made her a star!

She played Brynn, Annie's (Kristin Wiig's) invasive British roommate who has a bad habit of reading Annie's diary and trying on her clothes.

We can't forget about her other hilarious scenes.

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Like when she got a tattoo of a Mexican drinking worm "FO FREE," much to Annie's horror.

To top that off, she quite literally ripped open a bag of peas to put on her infected tattoo instead of holding it there.

2. When she showed off her nunchuck skills:

Talk about a hidden talent!

The Cats star busted out her ninja skills while on The Graham Norton Show, alongside Matt LeBlanc and Kit Harington.

Suffice to say, you don't want to get on her bad side!

3. When she roasted the Royal Family to their faces:

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This took place at the 2020 BAFTA awards.

She pulled a Ricky Gervais by bringing up ALL of the royal tea, including Harry and Meghan leaving the royal family and Prince Andrew having former associations with Jeffrey Epstein.

"It is really great to be here at the royal Andrew, er, royal Harry – no, sorry – um, royal Phil… at this royal palace place," she began.

As this happened, the camera panned to show Prince William and Kate Middleton's faces.

As you can imagine, they were looking quite awkward in the front row.

4. When she starred as Fat Amy in the *Pitch Perfect* films:

There was a lot of talent in those films — everyone from Anna Kendrick to Anna Camp to Brittany Snow — but no one could deny that Rebel shined.

We'll never forget when she nailed the riff-off.

5. When she did an improv dance with Jimmy Fallon:

You already knew that she could sing from Pitch Perfect, but did you know that she could dance??

She showed off her impressive improv skills in a dance-off with the late-night host.

6. When she created this parody video of being Jennifer Lawrence's sister:

Twin sister, we should say.

In this hilarious skit she made with MTV True Life, she said that Jennifer gets a lot of her movie ideas from her. It is seriously just so hilarious

7. When she had a dramatic weight loss:

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In an empowering post shared to Instagram, the actress declared 2020 her "Year of Health."

She wrote that she's trying to get to 75kgs (165 pounds) by the end of the year.

Based on the progress fans have seen so far, she's well on her way!

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She looks absolutely stunning!

Her dramatic weight loss comes after she revealed that was basically paid to stay bigger in Hollywood. It's really sad to think about how much Hollywood pressures female celebrities when it comes to their bodies.

8. When she hosted *LOL: Last One Laughing*:

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If you haven't seen this show yet, you NEED to. I watched it on a whim and it's absolutely hilarious.

Rebel oversees Australians comedians who are locked in a room with one goal: they cannot laugh. Yet, they must try to make each other laugh.

9. When she and James Corden mocked their movie *Cats* at the Oscars:

They were feline frisky that night!

The irony was not lost on them presenting the Oscar award for Best Visual Effects since Cats, well, had awful visual effects.

10. When she was thirsty for Idris Elba during her 2016 BAFTA speech:

If you loved her speech at the 2020 BAFTA, then you have to go back and watch this one from 2016.

Her deadpan humor fits so perfectly with her telling Elba that she wants some "chocolate" on Valentine's Day.

11. When she showed off her rapping skills:

She proved that she's got mad skillz while on The Graham Norton Show.

That wasn't the first time she held a beat well. She also rapped with Ellen DeGeneres in 2012 to "Shoop."

12. When she met One Direction:

YouTube | TheEllenShow

When Ellen started talking about the former band's biggest fan, no one expected Rebel to come out.

But she did and she brought her signature humor with her. When asked by Ellen when she first saw them, she said, "before they were legal."

13. When she pranked her *Pitch Perfect* cast:

"I just played the best April Fools gag on my crew with 1000 extras waiting inside!" she wrote on Twitter, alongside a picture of her facedown on the ground with a bloody leg.

When cast and crew gathered around to help, she yelled out, "April Fools!"

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Anna Kendrick seemed to be in on the joke, as she wrote this on Twitter:

"Ah, April Fools. A day of knowing that if you are actually injured, no one will help you. #SafetyFirst #Worrier."

14. When she took this selfie with Timothée Chalamet:

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Yes, we're mainly showing you this because Timothée is everything. But also, because the caption is hilarious.

"Sentimental Saturday to the time Timothée told Brad Pitt he’d showered at my house and I looked gangsta AF," she wrote.