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Make The World's Best Cup Of Coffee This Holiday With International Delight's 'Elf'-Inspired Creamers

Buddy the Elf has become just as important a symbol of the holidays as Frosty and Rudolph are, and it was about time he had his moment to shine in the marketing and advertising spotlight.

International Delight is using the help of the iconic elf to sell their holiday creamers, and this one totally makes sense.

Whether you're here for it or not, Christmas is truly in July, folks.

Food Instagrammers like @candyhunting and @dadbodsnacks have been sharing images of International Delight's new holiday flavors and labels.

This year, International Delight is using Buddy the Elf to help them spread so much holiday cheer.

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The bottles all feature a graphic of the Elf movie poster font and are all centered on iconic scenes from the movie.

Peppermint Mocha's bottle now features a New York city scene, and Frosted Sugar Cookie's depicts a North Pole scene.

They're also introducing a new Caramel Waffle Cookie flavor that definitely has Dutch stroopwafel vibes, and must be accompanied by one.

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We don't need an official statement from International Delights to see that this is already hitting the fridge section at grocery stores.

Instagrammer @dadbodsnacks found them at Price Rite in Rhode Island, but definitely start keeping your eyes peeled in your own neck of the Candy Cane Forest.

Thanks to International Delight, we'll all be able to make the world's best cup of coffee now.

Now, excuse me while I go watch Elf in the dead of summer.