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'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Are Divided Over Jesse Williams' New Blue Hairdo

When it comes to Grey's Anatomy hotties, you guys can have your McDreamy's and your McSteamy's... I am here for Dr. Jackson Avery aka, Jesse Williams.

He is by far one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood, even with blue hair?? Well, some fans seem to think so.

Let's take a closer look at Jesse's new blue 'do, shall we?!

Jesse Williams is known for being a gorgeous man with a sleek, shaven haircut.

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He's not BALD, but he's on the borderline, but like, in a really HOT way, ya know?!

So fans were shook to see Dr. Avery rocking a new, blue hairdo!

He captioned the selfie "waves" with the matching wave emoji and butterfly emoji. Two different emojis?! Now we *know* he means business!

Some fans were immediately digging the new look, and left thirsty AF comments.

"OMG MARRY ME NOW!!!!" wrote one fan.

"He's fine no matter what color his hair is."

"Just when I thought you couldn't get hotter," wrote another.

Unfortunately, not everyone was loving the new ~lewk~ as much as the thirsty fans.

"Weird but I guess I'm still into him," commented one confused fan.

"No bae. Just no. Please change it back."

"Ok he looks like the end of the fun dip stick," joked another.

However the best comment goes to the fan who voted GREEN as Jesse's next color choice: "Blonde and now blue. Are we guessing the next color? If so, I vote green."

What do you think of Jesse's blue hair?! Let us know in the comments below!

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