People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Hilarious Custom Face Mask Fails

Now that mask-wearing is a daily thing for most people, some are coming up with creative ways to make theirs stand out. One of those ways is to order a custom-made mask that is supposed to match your face.

Well, that sounds like a good idea. But unfortunately, as some people have discovered, it doesn't always turn out that way. Look at these fails and weep. Ha, ha!

If you ever wanted to get a real close look at your teeth now is your chance. LOL!

Twitter | @woopighaley

I bet this lady wasn't expecting this extreme close up when she ordered her custom-made mask, huh? I'm rolling on the floor here.

What could go wrong when you order a mask that's supposed to match your face?

Twitter | @real_diculous

Just ask this guy and he'll tell you all about it. Hee, hee. I wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley or something like that.

Again, perhaps not the best idea to smile big for that face mask picture.

Twitter | @koolma

Nobody wants to get that up close and personal with your teeth, or do they? LOL! I gotta say, this would be a hard pass for me.

Here's one way to make yourself look like a giant mammoth. Am I right?

Twitter | @EComment

Sadly, it doesn't look to me like this guy is enjoying his recent purchase. His eyes look like they are begging for help. Do you see it?

Oh my goodness! This lady looks like she could be a missing character from 'The Muppets', no?

I feel like I'm starting to see a resemblance here. At least she has a permanent smile when she's wearing this masterpiece.

If you're going to order a custom-made face mask might as well get your partner in on the action.

Twitter | @njhshuddy

These two did it and I think the lady got the short end of the stick here. Her mask is downright scary. Maybe save it for Halloween?

It doesn't seem to matter whether your younger or older.

Twitter | @SuefromHayes

The custom-made face mask will come back to haunt you. This lady got hers and she's having a field day with it. I think she could scare the neighbor's children with it. Hee, hee.

This gentleman took mask making to a new level with this, let's say, unusual take on it. Ha, ha!

I kinda feel like this would be great if you were making a scary movie or something. Not necessarily for walking around your neighborhood, though.

It seems to me like custom-made masks have one caveat.

When you send the company your pictures they end up printing them way too big, and this is how it ends up looking when you wear it. I bet it gets you lots of attention, though.

This lady found out the hard way that laughing for a picture may not always be a good thing.

Twitter | @jrw3780

Especially when you're trying to get the bottom half of your face on a custom-made mask. OMG, this is hilarious! Right?

So is it just me or could this face mask double as an oven mitt? Haha.

Twitter | @seanita89

It would be so handy post-pandemic. Don't you think? I think the perforated areas make it look even worse than it really is. LOL.

Oh, snap, this one looks just a little too real for comfort.

Twitter | @Tim_Oldland

This would make me slightly uncomfortable if I ran into this guy on the street. And the way he's looking at your here is even weirder. No? I'm scared.

When things go wrong they really do go wrong.

This guy found this out as soon as he put this mask on. And I bet it looked so perfect when he got it in the mail. This is definitely not a good look.

Apparently, this guy has been trying to get his mask to work with FaceID.

Twitter | @ashbhoopathy

I dunno how that's going for him. Haha. I really do hope it doesn't because that would be a concept I can't exactly get behind. Am I right?

Nothing would be wrong with this attempt at a custom-made mask if it wasn't for this guy's slightly warped mouth.

Reddit | u/stocklett

At least he's got a facial expression that makes him perfect for social distancing. Nobody would get too close to him now.

When your wife shows up looking like this you can't possibly waste an opportunity.

Twitter | @cameronmattis

To take the most embarrassing picture that is, hehe. Now, this guy will have leverage on her for the rest of her life. See what you did?

It's never a good look when your face mask makes your nose look twice as big.

Twitter | @maybemarkus

But hey at least they made his teeth look really pearly white here. You gotta be happy with the little things if nothing else.

If this doesn't put you off from ordering a face mask resembling your own face, I dunno what will.

On the other hand, if you're looking to go viral maybe you want to get one after all. So in that case, go for it!