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You Can Get A Miniature Greenhouse Kit That's Basically A LEGO Set For Plant Lovers

Some people are like the Cesar Millan of plants when it comes to taking care of them. For the rest of us, it's basically a game. Are our plants going to like sunlight and water today? Are they going to like the pebble tray we spent hours researching about all week? Who knows! Our plants do what they want, and as Miley Cyrus would say, "can't be tamed."

Listen, living plants aren't for everyone. It's basically a full-time job! That's why this miniature paper-filled greenhouse exists.

Accidental plant-loving plant murderers, there's still a way for you to create the greenhouse of your dreams.

Instagram | @amorino.crafts

This is a miniature greenhouse kit that you build yourself, sort of like a LEGO set for plant lovers.

The kit is filled with everything you need to build a lush recreation of a decked out greenhouse.

Instagram | @amorino.crafts

And we're not kidding when we say you have to build, including the actual greenhouse structure.

The kit comes with wood, plastic, cloth, paper, metal, environmental glue and paint to create the greenhouse along with plant stands.

Instagram | @amorino.crafts

It also has a number of tiny potted plants and flowers, gardening tools, furniture, shelves, a watering can, a potter's bench, lights, and an artist's easel with a little painting.

They're all made out of paper, but they really like look shrunken versions of the real thing.

According to reviews, you literally have to put *every single leaf* on every plant, along with creating rugs out of yarn, and place each page, one by one, to create a tiny book.


This truly is a major test of patience. It takes about 20 hours to make, so this is the perfect quarantine activity.

At the end of it, you'll have a little 7" x 8" by 7" greenhouse you can be super proud of for years to come.

Get it for $40.