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Lost Dog Asks For Help Getting Home By Going To His Vet's Office

One thing pet parents can agree on is how much we fear our fur babies getting lost. Every time I let my two dogs out in the yard, I have to make a stop by the dining room window to check the gate.

It doesn't matter that the gate is padlocked and the key is in the kitchen. I still have to check.

We all like to think our pets could find their way home, but that doesn't stop the world from being a big, scary place for them.

Every lost pet sign shared around the neighborhood is another reminder of the chance that our pet could be lost too.

Which is probably why stories of pet rescue and reunions are so moving.

Facebook | Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic

Like this one about a dog in Thailand who went to his veterinarian's office for help getting home.

The Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic shared the security footage of the event on their Facebook page, where it's gotten tons of love.

The camera points to the clinic's front entrance, and you see as the dog takes a long drink from the provided water dish before moving to wait by the windows.

He appears to bark a bit, but is otherwise pretty patient as he waits to be noticed by the staff inside.

Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic via The Dodo

Once they realized he was alone, they quickly ushered him inside. They recognized him as a patient, who had come previously for his vaccinations, and set about getting in contact with his owners.

It's unclear how long the dog, who is only a few months old, was lost.

Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic via The Dodo

But according to the clinic, they were reunited and everyone is very happy.

h/t: The Dodo

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