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Johnny And Baby Funko POP! Figurines Exist For Mega Fans Of 'Dirty Dancing'

When bringing up classic Hollywood flicks, it's impossible to run down the list without mentioning Dirty Dancing. People just love the tale of the good girl falling in love with the bad boy, and come on, we cannot deny the power of Patrick Swayze's smouldering eyes and v-cut shirts.

You know you're an iconic film or character when pop culture figurine company Funko POP! features you, and Dirty Dancing fans are in luck.

Funko POP! makes it possible for everyone to collect their favorite pop culture figures, including the iconic duo Johnny and Baby from *Dirty Dancing*_.

Instagram | @the_geek_woman

How adorable are they?!

Each figure is designed in their iconic outfits from the film.


The Johnny figurine sports his iconic black tank ensemble from when he and Baby have that steamy dance practice session.

The Baby figurine features her curly brown hair and the pink tank, denim shorts, and white sneakers outfit.


This is from the scene where she's practicing her dancing in secret on the stairs, remember?

How could you forget!

The tiny 3-inch figurines retail for around $11 each, but you can't buy one without the other, let's be honest.

They're currently out of stock on Funko POP's website, but you can find them at Walmart for a little bit more moolah.