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Elton John Celebrates 30 Years Of Sobriety: 'The Most Magical Day'

Congratulations are in order for music legend Elton John, who is celebrating 30 years of sobriety this week!

The 73-year-old took to Instagram to share his milestone "birthday" with his 3 million followers.

Elton's battle with substance abuse was highlighted in the 2019 biographical musical Rocket Man. BTW, the film was nominated for Best Original Song at the 92nd Academy Awards, and won!

Seriously, if you haven't seen Rocket Man yet, you must!

Elton John has been open with his journey to sobriety, most notably in his memoir "Me" which was released last year.

He recalls being "terrified" to perform sober for the first time and how he worked his recovery into his tour schedule.

"Ultimately, I enjoyed my return to touring because I built AA/NA meetings into my tour schedule. Wherever I went in the world, I found a meeting to attend. That’s not as hard as it might sound," he wrote.

Now, all of Elton's hard work has paid off as the legend is celebrating 30 years of sobriety!

"Reflecting on the most magical day having celebrated my 30th Sobriety Birthday. So many lovely cards, flowers and chips from my sons, David, friends in the Program, staff at the office and in our homes," he wrote on Instagram.

"I’m truly a blessed man. If I hadn’t finally taken the big step of asking for help 30 years ago, I’d be dead."

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He concluded: "Thank-you from the bottom of my heart to all the people who have inspired and supported me along the way."

The comments were filled with love and support from friends and fans of the revolutionary artist.

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If David Beckham is leaving heart emojis in your comments, you know you're doing something right!

Congrats on an amazing accomplishment, Elton!

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