Quotes For When You Live By Your Dog's Rules

Amy Pilkington 29 Jul 2020

As I write this, one of my dogs is snoring at my feet while the other attempts to climb onto my laptop to force a cuddle session.

Yes, I have tried to explain to him that if he'd just let me finish writing this first, then I would be done faster and he could have my whole attention, but you try explaining that logic to a determined shih tzu.

(And if there are any typos, please blame the dog.)

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I'm sure parents working from home with children around are having a more difficult time than those of us with animals, but in some ways, they are pretty similar.

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I mean, my picky dog isn't insisting on the crusts cut off his sandwiches, but he does require his kibble softened for him.

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Otherwise it's too crunchy and he would rather starve than chew his food. The vet says his teeth are great, so he's just a picky baby.

The other dog will eat anything you give him or that he finds in the garden. So also very child-like.

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But even though kids don't necessarily listen, they at least (mostly) speak the same language.

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Your mileage may vary depending on the kid and their age, but you can at least attempt to reason with them.

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Meanwhile, I'm stuck lifting a 15-pound dog off my computer every five seconds and then fixing the random keystrokes he added to this draft.

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But he's not deterred, and since I do intend to give him a good cuddle in, oh... another couple of sentences, he will win this battle in the end.

I don't really mind so much anyway. He's adorable, and I love his squishy little face.

Cuddle time!

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