14+ Times We Found Hilarious Surprises In The Most Unlikely Places

The world can be full of hilarious things to put a smile on your world-weary, weather-beaten, soul-destroyed face, and sometimes those things can be in truly unexpected places!

And, with this definitely positive idea in mind, here are 14+ times we found hilarious surprises in the most unlikely places!


Reddit | imahawki

This is not exactly a resoundingly good advertisement for this school if the people who work there can't even spell the school's name!

"Oooh, oooh, let's go to the surprise! Pick the surprise! We can even camp!"

Reddit | deadeye13

I like an element of the uncertainty in my holidays! Nothing quite like taking a trip and not knowing whether you're gonna find yourself in a zoo or a prison!

"Do you think I should sotp them?"

Reddit | Nerdikki

At this point just let them keep going, it's too late anyway so they may as well finish the job wrongly as opposed to leaving a half-finished mistake painted on the road.

They Had To Know What They Were Doing...

Reddit | yumck

You cannot tell me that the person who chose that "Pull out" sign didn't know exactly what they were doing when they attached it!

Hmm, That's An Odd Selection Of Characters For This Purpose...

Reddit | Ice_Blazer55

Yeah, I think that whoever set up this display is either an idiot, or has a wicked sense of humor.

"Thomas Jefferson has never looked so surprised!"

Reddit | Bioamp09

Looks like Thomas Jefferson has just realized that the food he had for lunch isn't sitting well and is in dire need of a toilet.

"Poor Nana..."

Reddit | Pudding312

I don't know anyone who actually buys the weird single-use utensils in the middle of shop aisles, does anyone buy these things?!

"Rich is her last name... but I read it 'Keep [the politician] Rich'."

Reddit | jonnymhenderson

I mean, behind all of the pageantry, that is also the message behind every campaign sign anyway. Sorry to get all cynical on you.

"Am I Really?"

Reddit | j_curic_5

This is like a glitch in the matrix. Except the matrix isn't real, just like astrology. Don't know why I said that, just felt like having a dig at astrology because it deserves it.

"Who came up with this logo?!"

Reddit | spkki

How is this anything other than... well, you don't need me to spell it out I'm sure. The person who designed this needs to chill out a bit.

"Thank god I saw the sign I was just about to do that!"

Reddit | Ninasilverrose

Christ, it is just impossible to have any fun nowadays! You're not allowed to do anything any more!

"An outstanding display of redneck engineering."

Reddit | SilveradoSurfer16

I tell you what, I wouldn't want to have to brake suddenly with this thing right behind my head!

I'm Listening...

Reddit | Bokbreath

I mean, it doesn't say what they're hiring them for, which is a little alarming, but it's got to be worth a shot!

"We cut kids..."

Reddit | aTerrariaExpert

I don't actually know if this one is funny, or just distressing. Why would they pick that picture of them cutting a kid's hair?!

"I like to surprise my roommate..."

Reddit | mikejones84

"Dave, how long did you spend sticking eyes on the eggs?"

"Ages! Did it make you laugh?"

"No. Next time do the dishes instead with that time."

"I found my pot of drinks!"

Reddit | j3ffr33d0m

I always knew that this is what would be at the end of the rainbow! I'd only spend the pot of gold on getting alcohol anyway, this just cuts out the middle man!

That Explains A Lot!

Reddit | phurie

I mean, before I did anything, I'd be backing up and getting way back from this guy!

The Best Game Of Fetch Ever!

Reddit | ahahahlol

Give me a potato over a tennis ball any day! You can't make mashed potatoes with a tennis ball... well, you could, but it would taste awful.

"I saw my favorite dog outside the grooming salon yesterday. She looked shocked that I don't live in the salon 24/7."

Reddit | Dragynwing

That dog's whole world has just been completely turned on its head. I had an expression like this when I saw Glass in the cinema... what a way to write a god awful movie.

"This restaurant is only allowed to sell beer if someone buys food."

Reddit | TusBus67

They could be serving the best beer on the planet but it would not convince me to ever eat a deep-fried pickle.

"Surprisingly good advice."

Reddit | TheOfficialDylan

I like the sentiment here, but if I'm honest I'm still floored by how much tube rentals are! What is this tube made of, gold?! Actually, that'd be a pretty crap tube now I think about it.

"Remodelling the kitchen and pulled the microwave off the wall. He never gave up hope."

Reddit | RodentofNormalSize

If this sauce sachet can live it's life full of hope, then surely I can too! Thank you sauce sachet, you've turned my life around!

"Local railway station in Hungary."

Reddit | kardooma

This is obviously incredibly clever; however, all it is doing is giving me flashbacks to being terrible at Minesweeper!

The Most Unexpected Yet Fantastic Crossover Of All Time!

Reddit | BundyWA

I had pretty much thought that the Wild Thornberrys had completely slipped out of public consciousness, and yet here we are!

"Found me a cutie pie."

Reddit | TheGrumpyNovelist

Nerds everywhere must be having heart palpitations when they see this. Yes, we get it, and yes it's very clever!

"I dig Green Top Grocery's style."

Reddit | Intalleyvision

You're telling me that I get better discounts for being more comfortable?! Sign me the hell up!

"Craft coffee gets sad when you drink it."

Reddit | Didyourlipjustfart

Oh, it looks so sad! I know that I normally hate "craft coffee" with a burning passion, but I've never seen one look so downhearted before!

"Yes, yes I would like one."


Bloody hell, at this point I will take anything that might make things better, no matter how unlikely it is.

"Throwback to when my mom forgot to submit my senior baby ad for the yearbook and asked my dad to do it."

Reddit | JestarAuthor

Sucks for the parents, they'll be missing out on a pretty rad kid. Do you see that sunglasses pic? The coolest.

"I updated my medical ID."

Reddit | dunnkw

Wait, donuts making you fat counts as a 'reaction' now? Boy do I have a lot of reactions to a lot of food then.

"She was screaming for me to keep putting more in her shirt."

Reddit | MokeOG

Man, as a kid you really could just do...anything. Just anything. And it'd be funny. Try pulling this off now as an adult see the reactions you get.

"Dinner time!"


When you're eating dinner like that, you know you've had a rough day.

Dog Park Finds.


A great day for the dogs, but probably the worst day of that woman's life. Perspective and all that.

"My daughter’s favourite way to cool me off after a long run on a hot day."

Reddit | SleepWouldBeNice

At least she's helping! Sure this might be a form of waterboarding, but it's with good intentions.

"Dedicated bicycle lane for Jesus."

Reddit | GeneReddit123

That or it's a treasure hunt, promising a bike is hiding in the river. Are you up for the challenge?

"I tried to be cute and carved 'I love u' into my wife's banana last night and this morning, it looked like a note from a stalker. 0/10 Will not do again."

Reddit | chadork

It really did come out more like 'I L̛̟͇͘O͖̯͚̳V̳͉͖͟͞͞E̢̛͚̮̥̗ ̴̻̝̻̺͍͍͈ U'. So less of a stalker and more of an unspeakable monster.

"[Took] my kitten out on her first walk."

Reddit | laysialoo

So much nature at once! You've overloaded her tiny kitten brain!

"I bought some tweezers on eBay. I then complained as they were tiny. The guy sent me these."

Reddit | English_Joe

I can actually think of a lot of uses for those massive tweezers! For instance, you could use them for removing giant splinters, or as we call them, spears.

"Dwayne ‘The Hog’ Johnson’s vet said to keep an eye on his weight so this is his life once a week now."

Reddit | Avunico

"The recipe calls for two cups of hedgehog but it doesn't need to be exact, it can be a loose approximation."

"My 11 y/o daughter has insisted on checking the mail the last couple of days. Today, I checked it. This is what I found..."

Reddit | BallCoach79

This is just painfully adorable. Fair play to the mailman for playing along with them! I feel like I need an update at some point as to who wins.