12+ Photos That Confirmed The Power Of Makeup Is Real

Many women love makeup because it transforms who they are and how they feel about themselves. While makeup doesn't define a person, it can make them feel better about themselves when they are all dolled up and pampered. A good makeover can change a person's appearance vastly and sometimes, that also boosts their self-esteem. There are also times we don't realize how much makeup can transform our faces and styles until we see the results in side-by-side photos.

Those eyebrows though.

A bit of contour and highlighting can turn those cheekbones into some incredible assets. Let's also discuss how that blue eyeshadow makes her eyes pop!

Foundation and cream on those eyes are a game changer.

Purple eyeshadow may seem like it's a bit extreme but sometimes it is so subtle and beautiful that it makes an entire look complete. These eyes paired with that lipstick is a match made in heaven.

Dark, smoky eyes are the way to go.

For a night out on the town, creating a darker, smoky eye look can define a look. Paired with a little black dress and some heels, this look is ready to go.

Makeup can make anyone look stunning at any age.

Makeup can make anyone look absolutely beautiful and flawless no matter what age. Some women use make up to feel more youthful and glowing again. There's no harm in using it at any time!

Some looks truly make the skin glow.

It doesn't take a lot of products to make a transformation. Some women think you need dozens of products to change your look. In reality, it's just knowing how to apply it.

A beautiful transformation!

From natural beauty to a glowing cheekbone. This eyeshadow look is also perfect for a dinner date or a night out.

Drastic is sometimes fun, too.

Going above your normal look can be fun and dramatic. A bright eye color can make any look outstanding. Paired with a solid-colored dress or outfit, this is perfect.

A highlight can go a long way.

Getting a little highlighter on those cheekbones can look fantastic. It's not something that everyone uses every day, but, before you know it, you're glowing.

Lipstick matters.

Some women stray away from lipstick because they don't want to smudge it or get it all over their food (or their significant other), but lipstick can complete a look. Don't be afraid to opt for a subtle shade.

Defined eyes are important.

Using makeup to play with specific features on someone is something that everyone should do. These defined eyes showcase the beautiful brown color in them and also the great shape.

This look brightened up her entire face!

A little makeup can make an entire face brighter and glowing. Using the correct foundation for your skin tone is key. That lipstick looks amazing on her, too.

Foundation for discoloration is a good call, too.

Using foundation or concealer on the bags under your eyes and other discoloration can help when doing makeup transformations. Don't forget that blush!

Sunspots can be hidden with some concealer and bronzer.

This woman went from natural beauty to bronzed beauty. The dramatic eyes go hand-in-hand with those loose curls. Gorgeous.

Makeup can change some features that people would like to cover up.

Cover-up and foundation can work for people's scars and burn marks. Sometimes, we embrace our natural looks, and other times we want to cover it up for special occasions.

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