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Cake Artist Creates Stunning Cake Designs That Look Cross Stitched

Maybe an unpopular opinion over here, but I don't think cross stitching is as appreciated as it deserves to be. It's more often than not associated with things grandmas do, and I personally think that's what makes it ultra special. Like yes, I do enjoy stitching some cheesy quote and scenic design into Aida cloth while listening to the TV—what's it to ya?!

If you're a cross stitching lover like me, then you'll especially enjoy these cross stitch-designed cakes, and if you're not a cross stitching fiend yet, you're certainly about to be.

You've seen embroidered cakes, but have you seen cross stitched cakes?

Instagram | @oksanity

This design comes from Instagrammer @oksanity.

She somehow transfers common cross stitch and tapestry designs onto cakes with her magic wand, aka icing piping bag.

Instagram | @oksanity

From far away, you would never guess that this is completely edible and not a fabric recreation of a cake.

Just watch part of the painstakingly patient process below.

She uses a special SugarVeil grid mold to achieve the Aida cloth fabric, and then grid by grid fills in each hole with a tiny dot of icing to get that pixelated look.

She also uses this design on a number of other pastries.

Instagram | @oksanity

We're definitely gobbling this design technique up with our eyes, that's for sure!

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