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Wedding Invite That Splits Guests Into Three Different Groups Sparks Debate On Twitter

There's no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world, to say the very least. I think it's safe to say 2020, as a whole, has been #cancelled. But for those who have planned large events and weddings, it's not so easy to completely nix those plans.

People are trying their best to keep their major plans and events this year.

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This means some changes must be made to accommodate social distancing recommendations.

One wedded couple-to-be is trying their best to take things into their owns hands, but it's proving to be a touchy subject regarding wedding etiquette.

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Just take a look.

A Twitter user by the name of Mary von Aue shared a wordy wedding invitation that garnered over 1.5K retweets and comments.

The unnamed wedded couple-to-be revealed they had to make some tough decisions regarding the number of guests they can accommodate at the venue, given new social distancing guidelines.

To help combat the issue, the couple decided to split their guests into three different groups.

They include "Group A," "Group B," and "Group C," although the latter two are clumped together in one.

For those who got sent a "Group A" invitation, they asked that those guests RSVP ASAP.

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This was so they could "extend any vacant seats to additional guests."

They asked those who got sent invites for groups B and C to refresh their wedding website for any openings and that if they already knew they wouldn't attend, to kindly decline.

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In addition, they also asked for those with kids to leave them with a babysitter, prioritizing adult guests.

Well, Twitter users sure had some words for the couple.

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Some people felt quite strongly that this invite was extremely rude and disrespectful to guests.

Some felt that the couple seemed entitled and narcissistic.

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This Twitter user felt that it was a bit much to ask guests to constantly refresh their website, as if getting tickets to a concert.

One person brought up how it must make those in groups B and C feel.

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It must sting a bit!

On the other end, one Twitter user revealed that this "sorting" system isn't actually new.

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She mentioned that couples don't actually send out groupings in one invitation—they're normally staggered as not to upset guests.

Other Twitter users came to the couple's defense. They understood the position the couple is in because of the pandemic, and that it's not something to take personally.

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This person's view is basically to make like Elsa from Frozen and let it go.

One Twitter user noted how wedding etiquette might change moving forward.

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This could very well be the case!

Well, this certainly is a wedding etiquette debate we never saw coming!

Where do you stand on the couple's wedding invite? Let us know!

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