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Zappos Is Now Selling Single Shoes And Mixed-Size Pairs As Part Of Inclusive Line

Over the years, you may have noticed many brands are making a greater effort to be more inclusive, whether it be increased clothing sizes, body-positive mannequins, or more adaptive clothing and accessories for a variety of needs.

Zappos is one of those companies, and they just released a new shoe offering that continues to help make shopping a whole lot easier for everyone.

If you didn't know, Zappos has a whole section dedicated to adaptive clothing and accessories.

Instagram | @zapposadaptive

In terms of inclusive fashion, Zappos is an unofficial leader.

They have everything from medical wear for those going through treatments, to stylish small sizes for those of short stature, to a number of mobility device-friendly clothes and accessories.

They've really thought about everything.

Now the company has added single shoe and mixed-pair offerings to accommodate a variety of foot and leg-related needs.

Instagram | @zapposadaptive

Some people only need one shoe or need different right and left sizes to accommodate prosthetics.

Zappos is proving you don't need to sacrifice style in the name of inclusiveness.


Customers will be able to shop their favorite name brands, including Converse, New Balance, and Nike.

They also mentioned in their announcement on Instagram that single shoes will be half the price.

Right now, the Single and Different Size Shoes line is a test program to see if it's actually helpful for customers and something in demand in terms of inclusive offerings.


If there's enough positive responses, it's likely Zappos will make this a permanent option for shoppers.

Definitely take their survey and leave some feedback for them.

Whether or not the program proves to be a success, it's great to see major companies and corporations step up to think about the needs of everyone.

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