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Photographer Shares 'Most Incredible Wildlife Encounter' With Sharks In A Wave

There are moments in our careers that we live for, that remind us on the days where it all seems like a slog the reason we do what we do. Those moments can seem few and far between; the rarity of them, and the luck involved with timing and a multitude of unlikely events coming together to make them happen is what makes those moments special.

They do have a remarkable ability to sustain us, and for one photographer in Australia, he'll be dining out on a remarkable shark encounter for a long, long time.

Sean Scott doesn't exactly specialize in wildlife photography, but it does come with the territory as he captures the rugged, vibrant beauty of Australia.

Instagram | @seanscottphotography

He shares some absolutely gorgeous work on his Instagram account and his website, and while it's not nearly all animals, you also can't really avoid them when you're taking pics in Australia. That continent just has some of the most fascinating and different wildlife, and it's all just so picture-worthy.

But the day he had what he called "one of the most incredible wildlife encounters," Scott was just kind of hanging out on the beach with his drone when a couple of sharks decided to put on a show.

Recognizing that he happened to be in the right place at the right time, Scott pulled his camera out.

Instagram | @seanscottphotography

Then, he caught the sharks swimming through the waves rolling in toward shore, as if they were surfing.

"I was really surprised," he told The Dodo. "I’ve seen similar smaller encounters go viral on the internet but I had never witnessed something firsthand. I’ve been told how lucky I am to have witnessed it because it is quite rare."

So, Scott did as photographers do and started clicking away, taking as many pics as he could.

Instagram | @seanscottphotography

It was a surreal encounter, to be sure. Sharks are not the first creature that comes to mind when you think of animals surfing along in waves. It was, in fact, so surreal that after he posted a couple of pics on his Instagram, several people questioned whether he had faked the encounter altogether.

And Scott certainly felt some disbelief of his own in the moment, but the encounter was real, he asserted.

Instagram | @seanscottphotography

And he posted pics of the whole encounter on his Instagram just to prove it.

"I’ve had a lot of people try and tell me the shot was fake but I hope this sets the record straight," he wrote in his post. "I’ve never shared all these images before."

Scott readily admits that fortune was very much on his side that day.

"They didn’t stay in the waves for too long, maybe a few minutes, so I was really lucky to get the photo when I did," he told The Dodo. "There was a lot going on so I was frantically trying to photograph them from every angle."

It was a fleeting moment, and one that he hoped would repeat that day to no avail. "I stayed and waited for a further 2 hours and did not see them in that close again," he told Bored Panda.

Check out the whole series in the attached post.

h/t: The Dodo