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Fans Are Saying Céline Dion Looks Like Emperor Kuzko In New Instagram Pic

Céline Dion is known for being a fashion icon. It's not a question, it's a fact.

But let's be clear— her style isn't for everyone. Not everyone is going to understand the intricacy of her couture, and hey, it isn't her job to explain it to us!

So when fans thought Céline was channeling Disney legend Emperor Kuzco in a new Insta pic, I couldn't contain my emotions!!!!

Céline Dion is, without a DOUBT, one of the most talented and charismatic performers of all time. She's Céline friggin Dion!

Her voice? Like velvet.

Her dance moves? Iconic!

Her sense of style? Just as highbrow as her career.

If you're not following our fashion icon on Insta, you're missing out on some serious FASHUN, honey!

Instagram | @celinedion

But sometimes, the people just don't understand Céline's style, and compare her to Disney cartoon characters, just like they did in her latest fashion Insta!

"'I wanna sing like nobody’s listening / I wanna talk like nobody cares/ I wanna party like a Belieber / I wanna wear whatever I wear' Sending you courage to keep dancing this week!" Céline captioned her high fashion pic.

Okay sorry, "party like a Belieber" babe???? This must be a typo, lol.

In addition to being a Belieber, fans noticed that Céline was channeling a lil' Emperor Kuzko with her red hat.

"The name is Kuzco. Emperor Kuzco," commented one fan.

"Emperor Kuzco, is that you?" commented another.

Needless to say, I am living for this mashup.

Instagram | @celinedion

Kuzko is famously the best Disney character of all time, so YES, I think Céline would approve of this comparison.

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