15+ People Who Had A Strange Idea And Just Went For It

Sometimes a great idea can come to you at the strangest of times. And, sometimes it is only after you see that idea through to fruition that you realize how colossally stupid it was in the first place.

And, with that idea in mind, here are 15+ people who had a strange idea and just went for it!

Unnecessary, But Great Execution!

Reddit | omegaruby5

I know that it is completely daft and all, but this is some incredible skill from this barber! It actually looks pretty good!

"A special effects artist made himself a mask for the pandemic and I can't get over it."

Reddit | GallowBoob

This is the stuff of nightmares! It reminds me of that Doctor Who episode, "The Empty Child." Is there anyone else out there who was scared to death by that as a kid?

"I had a contest on Facebook to determine how to wrap the hood of my '97 Grand Marquis. I wrapped it with the winning entry today."

Reddit | tulogit

Well, there are no mistakes in life. There are only happy accidents! Hopefully they won't be getting in any happy car accidents though.

"They overheard the customer say 'it's Steven, spelled with a ph.'"

Reddit | Hoof--hearted

I might call my kid "Phteven" if I ever have a child, only so that they have to explain that this is indeed how you spell it every time they place an order for something!

"They saw the chance and sprinted with it."

Reddit | hightechkid9

I like the idea of this man telling quite a harrowing story of how he and his dog nearly died, only for the reporter to be giggling to themselves the whole time and just thinking about this headline.

"Indoor Beekeeping. What a great idea."

Reddit | /Avitard89

This is quite a good idea actually, as then you could have a sign saying, "In case of annoying guests who won't leave, break glass."

"For the curry lovers out there..."

Reddit | somuchwow123

At least this case is easy to curry, not like some of the more unwieldy cases I've seen!

...get it, because it sounds like, "carry"? I amaze myself sometimes.

Everything About This Monstrosity...

Reddit | jkon731

This is the perfect flask for when you... Actually, I can't think of any time where this would be an acceptable thing to use.

Chicken Arms!

Reddit | jojokakak

These are the perfect devices for when you want to make it look like your pet chicken is walking around and looking for a fight!

"Who designed this motorbike and sidecar?!"

Reddit | rf032

I'm actually quite impressed with the way they have put this together, but it is undeniably horrific!

"My friend's office has been in a post-it war with the neighbors...and yesterday, the neighbors won."


Later that week, there will be one person in that building frantically trying to figure out why they spent so much money on post-it notes that week.

"Three-legged table that my boss found and put in my office."

Reddit | MrMayonnaise76

I can't tell if I am more confused as to why someone would make this in the first place, or why someone would buy it?

"A new form of contraceptive emerges!"

Reddit | Anichula

It is an absolute travesty that they are not wearing white socks under these boot/sandals! That would really tie the look together!

"There is just so much going on here!"


"So, what kind of style are you thinking of today?"

"All of it."

"What do you mean?"

"I said, all of it!"

"Grown Man Lunchables..."

Reddit | panic1005

That seems like the ratio is a little off here. I mean, just one potato for that big lump of meat? Also, only two beers... Don't think so.

"'Phoneception' — Whenever I upgrade my phone I snap a pic of the old phone with this photo as the background. I find it pretty amusing but my wife hates it."

Reddit | digdugsmug

I love this idea. However, I think that it would just make me want to go back to having a Nokia 3310.

"Adult knit onesie."

Reddit | bsurfn2day

That thing looks like it would be warm as hell! However, I've got to be honest, it doesn't look very comfortable!

"Girlfriend tried to claim a salad in the fridge."

Reddit | ty-read-it

I like where her head is at! I can almost hear "The Internationale" playing in the background!

The Collab That None Of Us Needed!

Reddit | littlemanfatboy-org

Nope, don't like that one bit. There is something about people packing meat into weird shapes that really puts me off meat.

"Did we really need this?"

Reddit | wcollins260

Actually, based upon how heated UNO gets in our family home, I think this actually could be a good idea.

"As someone with pale skin, this is what I would wear on a daily basis if it was socially acceptable."

Reddit | Paradice_City

I absolutely need one of these for whenever I go on holiday. My pasty skin goes bright red as soon as I go within an inch of sunlight.

"So I found my 9 year old's 'lost' Yoshi toy in my freezer."

Reddit | d8ms

The tongue sticking out absolutely makes this. I wonder what Yoshi did to this person's kid to piss them off so much?!

"My daughter's favourite way to cool me off after a long run on a hot day."

Reddit | SleepWouldBeNice

I like how she is really making sure to aim right down the sight on that hose in order to really make sure she gets him square in the face!

"Solitaire playing cards."

Reddit | SpecialEdShow

Holy Hell, $19.50 for a set of playing cards?! For that price I'd expect them to be making me a brew while I was playing.

"Looked over and saw my new puppy sitting like this, just...watching me."

Reddit | Rosieroseroserose

Well, looks like they have got themselves a really friendly puppy on their hands! Hopefully this dog will mellow out a bit!

"A picture frame that lights up the family's eyes whenever a parcel is delivered to the porch."

Reddit | AtomicDairy

Ah, yes, I have always wanted a family of demons that resemble my family to alert me when I have mail.

"In case you were wondering, the answer is yes, you can mail your friend a potato."


Do you think they put enough stamps on that potato?! As someone who never sends anything via post, I have no idea how many stamps you need to put on anything, really.


Reddit | bogmire

Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da... Batstache!

Kinda Christmas Lights?

Reddit | Kronki907

These do look cooler though, and aren't tied to any specific holiday so you can keep them up year-round with no guilt!

"Dolls that gain teeth every time your kid loses theirs."

Reddit | GoKaruna

I guess they figured they couldn't make a stuffed toy with teeth look cute, so they leaned heavily into the creepy factor instead.

"Death Before Dasani."

Reddit | phil2k16

I never thought I'd see someone have such a strong opinion about water that they felt the need to get it tattooed, but here we are.

"A painting of a horse that includes the horse's actual tail."

Reddit | Lady_Stark

In reading the comments, I learned it's apparently pretty common for horse owners to make mementos out of the tail hairs once a horse passes. This, though, is a lot more than a memento. This is a lot.

Giving A Fair Warning.

Reddit | handsomeacot85

It was funny until I saw the 'TOO LOUD? TOO BAD!' sticker underneath. Now I know this guy's just an asshole.

"Disco cement truck."

Reddit | GeneReddit123

Capable of turning any construction site into a party and any highway into a pileup.

"These glasses my sister bought."

Reddit | WalmartFlipFlop

I'd ask what company would even think of making these but hey, your sister bought them, so there's a market.

Speaking Of Glasses...

Reddit | CrossroadsFortune

While they probably work similarly to pinhole glasses, I can't shake the scratchy feeling I get just looking at these.

"This sink shift knob."

Reddit | Vaauzy

I get what they were going for, but...they couldn't even use a new, clean one?

"She passed me going 70 and not a single duck took flight, impressive."


I find that people with these sorts of passions are really serious about the construction of it all. They don't want people to think they're slacking.

"Chinese museum that celebrates crab eating culture."

Reddit | leterzic

I mean, if there's going to be a museum dedicated to such a specific subject, yeah I hope they go all out on the building.

"Just saw this wonderful sign."

Reddit | davide135

It's about time we started putting a price on dealing with bad attitudes, especially at work.

"Who even thinks this is a good idea?"

Reddit | FatFreddysCoat

Oh thank god there's no butter, that would have ruined it for me.

"Saw this guy on the highway today."

Reddit | realalexmg

He's got three straps and a dream, he'll get this boat on the water if it kills him.

"Vampire [repellent]."

Reddit | JustAcceptIt-V1

The woman on that bottle looks far too chipper for someone whose hair presumably reeks of garlic!

"Saw this bag of wildlife repellent at Lowes. Pretty sure deer don’t look like that."

Reddit | daniel7334

They don't look like that yet. Anything can happen, including the introduction of vampire deer.

"Didn't even know what I was looking at for a second."

Reddit | Rage_Cafe

I couldn't actually see what this was meant to be until someone pointed out that it was two hands planting seeds. Says more about me really, I guess.