'Baby Toes' Succulents Will Add Some Creepy-Cute Vibes To Any Plant Collection

I am constantly amazed at the fact that there are a ton of different succulents out there. Even more surprising is that some of them have funky names like "Bunny Ears" or in this case, "Baby Toes".

Speaking of "Baby Toes", this succulent is really fun and unusual-looking, to say the least. You need to see it to know what exactly I mean.

'Fenestraria Rhopalophylla' as it's officially known or, 'Baby Toes', gets its name from its weird appearance.

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This cool succulent actually grows tubes instead of rosettes. Wow, isn't that so different? I definitely think so. I love how it's displayed here.

This window-leaf succulent can be recognized by the fact that only the tips of its leaves grow above ground in the wild.

That's so interesting. It can grow up to 7.5 centimeters tall. I think it's so cute and definitely an unique addition to any succulent collection.

Another surprising little fact about this plant is that it will bloom with white or yellow flowers in both the spring and fall.

How pretty are these blooms? Huh? I love it when succulents bloom with gorgeous little flowers. Don't you?

Did you know that the transparent area at the top of the plant has no green pigment?

This actually allows light to pass through. It's a similar feature that Lithops (another variety of succulent) also have. I dunno about you, but these succulents look like aliens to me. Ha, ha!

It's really easy to grow 'Baby Toes'. They can produce offsets from the main plant.

Then, you can simply cut off these offsets with a sterile knife. Remember to allow the offsets to dry for one to two days before replanting.

It's best to use the 'soak and dry' method when caring for these succulents.

This means making sure the soil is fully dry before you water them again. No watering is needed during summer as they are dormant during this time.

These cute succulents aren't cold-hardy, so you need to make sure they are kept indoors during the cold winter months.

They also will do better in full or partial sun, so take note of your indoor location keeping this information in mind.

What other succulents can you pair these beauties with?

Instagram | @justgrowsucculents

Well, they would look spectacular next to a "Jade Necklace" variety. Both of these will complement each other well. You can also bring these outdoors once the weather gets warmer outside.

I'm completely obsessed with funky looking and unusual succulents. I think they're so amazing.

And the best part about having them is that they're usually pretty easy to take care of. Unlike other plants which I tend to destroy frequently, ha, ha!

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