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Vera Wang, 71, Shows Off Her Skills In Incredible Ballet And Figure Skating Video

The name Vera Wang is iconic. Everyone knows who she is — her name is almost synonymous with high end wedding dresses, and the designer has been killing the wedding dress game for 30 years. Before she was doing that, she was just the youngest editor at Vogue magazine ever, which is totally no big deal.

Apparently, she's also taken the time to learn to figure skate and do ballet. Naturally!

Vera Wang made a stir online earlier this year when some pictures of her incredible shape at age 70 went viral.

Instagram | @verawang

When a tweet went viral asking if it was true that Vera Wang was 71 years old, Vera herself replied that it was.

Of course her response to asking what she was doing to keep in such incredible shape at her age made it seem easy.

"Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail, not much sun..." was her answer.

She also emphasized the importance of Diet Coke, which I drink at least two cans of every day, which must mean that I'm well on my way to looking like Vera at age 70.

It turns out that it might be a little bit more work than just Diet Coke and vodka, though.

Vera recently shared a video of herself engaging in two of her passions: ballet dancing and figure skating.

In the video, Vera does some impressive figure skating and dancing, which she says require the same precision and dedication that she tries to communicate in her designs.

"I showed my friend this video today she thought you was only 25yrs old she almost feel off her chair when I told her your age and your business achievements well done Vera," one comment read on the video.

Fans were obviously impressed.

"I’m a former figure skater who still dances. I see the beauty of those art forms shine through in all your stunning designs," one Instagram commenter wrote.

Vera just keeps stunning us over and over again! I'm almost nervous to find out what she'll do next!