You Can Get A Detachable Camper That Instantly Turns Your Truck Into An RV

Camping isn't for everyone, even people who love the outdoors. Sleeping on the ground or a constantly deflating mattress with sand all over the tent, waking up to being absolutely baked by the sun and trapped in the heat, and just constantly being sandy is not it for a lot of people.

However, RVs and campers can be quite pricey, not to mention they can just take up a lot of extra room you may not have at your home.

If you have a truck though, you're in luck, because you can actually easily turn it into a camper and finally enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style.

While sleeping in the bed of your truck is completely fine, you can now make it extra comfortable with a portable camper attachment for the best adventuring experience.


Scout's Olympic detachable camper fits perfectly in the bed of any standard import or domestic truck.

It comes with everything you need to perfectly enjoy the great outdoors without all the added clunkiness and clutter of a giant RV or camping materials.


It has a versatile indoor and outdoor cooking top, a dinette, a fridge, a freezer, a sink, and a propane fireplace to keep you warm in the cool nights or crisp fall.

It even has a handy pop-up rooftop tent that fits a full XL bed and has a large opening for a prime stargazing view.

Can you believe up to six people can fit inside?


The camper is equipped with a solar panel and power station to keep everything running, including your Bluetooth speaker and phones.

There's also a 4.9-gallon water storage with a filtration system so you don't have to worry about not having clean water around.

Everything is also totally customizable, so if you don't want a fridge, you don't have to have one!


Need hanging storage shelves installed? They can easily hook you up.

This detachable camper has everything and more that a standard camper has and makes off-grid adventures a breeze.

If this portable camper is exactly what you need, you can pre-order it now starting at $19,980 from Scout's website.