You Can Get 'Hocus Pocus'-Inspired Face Masks That Instantly Turn You Into One Of The Sanderson Sisters

People have been having a lot of fun with masks these days. They've become a fashion accessory in and of themselves, just like wearing a scarf or jewelry.

This means that we're also going to have to match our masks to the season, and what better way to celebrate spooky season than with Hocus Pocus-inspired masks that transform you into one of the Sanderson Sisters?

When it comes to Halloween, we can count on Disney's *Hocus Pocus* to get us in the spirit.

And while the Sanderson Sisters — Winifred, Mary, and Sarah — might be the movie's villains, they're absolutely the best part of the film.

Now you can become one of the Sanderson Sisters — maybe minus all the soul-sucking — with these character face masks from Bucktee.


The masks are donned with each Sanderson Sister's iconic facial expression.

The masks are double-layered with a comfy, stretchy ear strap, which would absolutely get Winifred's approval.


Of course, be sure to follow the CDC's recommendation for wearing cloth face coverings.

Anyone who knows *Hocus Pocus* will easily recognize which sister you've transformed into for the day, and non-fans will definitely keep their six-feet distance (if not more) from you.


Consider your pandemic Halloween costume set!

Find them for $13.95 each on Bucktee's website.

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