12+ Home Decor Items That Are Also Surprisingly Practical

I'm gonna tell you guys a secret: I can't stand home decor that doesn't serve a purpose. Like sure, that gold elephant in the Marshall's clearance aisle is cute, but it's just going to sit on my shelf and take up space.

Instead, let's look at some cute pieces of decor that won't just become more clutter — they'll actually be useful. Let's go!

This rack has me over the moon.

Urban Outfitters

This rack checks off all my home decor boxes: gold, practical, pretty, moon-shaped.

You can get it from Urban Outfitters for $29, which is a great price for something that cute.

A storage ottoman is a must.


Trust me, those of us who collect throw blankets like it's our job really need one of these. This one from Wayfair would be a great place to keep remotes. No more losing them down the side of the couch!

Trinket trays are perfect catch-alls for small objects.

Urban Outfitters

And they're so frickin' cute! This one also doubles as a mirror, so it's doing double duty. Love that for us. Get it from Urban Outfitters for $39.

A cute planter is the perfect decor piece.


I mean, why not have your planters stunt on the rest of your house? It's what you deserve. Get this one from Anthropologie for $34.

These mirrors are great for checking your hair or makeup before you head out the door.

Etsy | SunburstDecorArt

Not to mention how absolutely stunning they are, huh? You can get this beautiful pair of mirrors from SunburstDecorArt on Etsy for $119.93. (Or pick up one for $80.)

String lights with a purpose? Yes please.


Okay, a purpose other than lighting up your room. These ones have clips on them! You can hang cards or photos from them and make a whole wall of mementos.

Get them from Amazon for $14.96.

A lamp that charges your phone sounds great to me.


But maybe that's because I actually have one, and it is a lifesaver. I'd recommend having a case on your phone when you use one since phones like to slide. Get this one from Wayfair for $102.99.

This shelf is a true decor moment.


The legs? Gold. The shelves? White. The vibe? Chic as hell. This shelf/ladder combo from Wayfair is available for $217.99. I won't stop you if you want to DIY it, though.

We can't do a list without a basket.


I mean, come on. A basket has so many uses! Storing blankets, pillows, toys, or even electronics. But my favorite use has to be for plants. Giant planters are expensive, after all. Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

A pretty candle makes for great decor, and smells even better.

Etsy | BrandIron

I think we all know there are a lot of options for where to get candles, so here are some suggestions: the pictured candles from Etsy user BrandIron, pop culture-inspired candles from Lost + Found Candle Co., or the upcoming candles from influencer Jackie Aina, called FORVRMood.

This stunning clock has a secret.

Etsy | LastCentury

See the little clasp on the right hand edge? That actually opens to reveal secret jewelry storage! This would be such a great place to hide things, tbh.

Get it from Etsy for $128.

This tray has a sneaky purpose.


This cute tray actually plugs in and doubles as a wireless charger! You can get it from Anthropologie for $188.

Alternatively, get a cheaper charger from iDeal of Sweden for $50.

A cute accent pillow will dress up your couch.


Your couch deserves something fancy on it! All it usually sees is butts, you know? This cute pillow would be great to nap on or admire from a distance. Get it from Wayfair for $24 ($42 for a set).

This cabinet has a very specific use.


And it is for holding records. Vinyl is back in a big way, as we all know. Combining that with the current mid-century trend is almost a no-brainer!

Get this cabinet from Amazon for $146.80.

This cabinet isn't a cabinet at all.


It's a litter box! This stylish, mid-century piece perfectly hides your cat's litter box and any accompanying messes it might make. You know how it is. Get it from Wayfair for $85.

Some stylish floating shelves.

Etsy | ValleyLivingDesign

Seriously, this mountain shelf is to die for! Shelves don't have to be plain. They can really pull interest in a room and add a pop of style.

Get this one from Etsy for $77.95.

Some fun curtains that have a dual purpose.


A pair of these would look great in your house! And guess what? They're blackout curtains! So you can block out that pesky sun when trying to watch a movie! Get them from Wayfair for $119.99.

This coffee table does double duty.


Or triple, if you're okay with putting your feet on your coffee table. It has a second, lower shelf for storage! I would put a small box down there for remotes. Just a fun tip.

Get it from Amazon for $201.94.

This stunning chandelier could totally be mistaken for an art piece.


Sputnik-style chandeliers are all the rage right now, and it's easy to see why: they're so beautiful that they could easily double as a hanging art piece.

Get this one at Amazon for $96.66.

This gorgeous accent rug will add style and coziness to your space.


Any accent rug or area rug can make a rug impact on a room. Pick out one that shows off your personality, or one that lets your furniture take center stage!

Get this one on Amazon starting at $15.09.

A towel ladder will keep your towels from piling up on the single hook on the back of your bathroom door.


Or is that just me?

Anyway, this towel ladder from Ikea is a respectable $49.99.

This giant pineapple is destined to be yours.


Why? Because it's actually a frickin' laundry basket! How cute is that?

You can get it from Anthropologie for $298. No, no, this is not a practical purchase. But IDK how rich you are!