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Giant Claw Hair Clips Are Coming Out Of Hiding From The '90s Fashion Vault

If there's any trend from the decades we can be sure will come back with a fury of nostalgia like no other, it's the '90s. This period of time was the semi-saving grace from the loud kitschy vibe of the '80s and the confusing chaotic energy of the '00s.

There's something oddly...comforting about '90s fashion, which is why plenty of people are welcoming back giant claw clips with open arms.

If you were a living human being in the '90s, then you definitely owned a drawer-full of these clips.

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Your fave '90s celebs absolutely wore these, and for good reason.

They're the '90s version of the topknot of today.

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When you don't feel like doing anything with your hair, but you need it out of your face, you just clip it all together, whether it be into a bun, pony, or half-pony, and voila!

While they're actually quite practical, they're also a fashion accessory in and of themselves.

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You can get them in so many different print, colors, and styles to match your outfit.

To be honest, we're not sure why these clips ever left our lives, but we're definitely not sleeping on them now!

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Here's a ton of fun clips from Etsy. Good luck choosing your faves!

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