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Colorful Unicorn Horn Eyeliner Is A Thing Now, And We're Totally Obsessed

I've seen a ton of crazy and creative eyeliner looks. Most recently, it's been candy cane eyeliner, ribbon eyeliner, and rainbow glitter eyeliner. And now, unicorn horn eyeliner is here. These wonderful and whimsical eye makeup looks are nothing short of magical. I love these shimmering, sparkling looks, and even if you wouldn't try out this eyeliner trend for yourself, the photos are still super fun to look at. So without further ado, I give you unicorn horn eyeliner!

1. This rainbow unicorn horn eyeliner looks like actual LED lights. The glitter accents were the perfect magical touch.

Instagram | @virginiaalanis

2. White unicorn horn eyeliner, a single tear, and red glitter brows? This is a seriously stunning makeup look. 

Instagram | @emmavicamini

3. This lilac-colored unicorn horn liner looks amazing with the rose gold and white accents.

Instagram | @makeupartist.haiden

4. I love the blending going on in this eyeliner design. Her eyeshadow is also totally on-point.

Instagram | @krissiikiwii

5. This entire eye makeup look is seriously impressive. The loops in the unicorn horn look so three-dimensional! 

Instagram | @makeup_frenzy_girl

6. This royal blue and neon yellow unicorn liner is super nontraditional and super edgy.

Instagram | @amourofbeauty

7. I love how she paired her white unicorn horn liner with a whimsical flower crown. 

Instagram | @nicoledawntaylor

8. This is a super psychedelic eye makeup look. The colors totally remind me of a Lisa Frank character. 

Instagram | @dreyzzydrey

9. This is such an enchanting overall look. Between her flower crown and gorgeous, glittering makeup, I'm completely obsessed.

Instagram | @frontpaigemua

10. This sparkling lilac and powder-blue eye makeup is seriously fit for a unicorn. 

Instagram | @lynherose_mua

11. Talk about a magical makeup look. That rainbow/glitter highlight, though. 

Instagram | @beautifiedbyandreina

12. This shimmering pink eye makeup is absolutely killer. I love her spidery lashes and sparkle accents! 

Instagram | @jazzayling
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