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Pillsbury Is Releasing Tubes Of Edible Gingerbread Cookie Dough For The Holidays

If you've been paying attention to Pillsbury products these days, then you'll know they're now making their cookie dough "safe to eat raw" AND able to be baked.

This includes their seasonal flavors, and I have a feeling many people will be eating their gingerbread cookie dough right out of the tube.

With about a month left of summer, the new holiday junk food releases are starting to trickle out of Santa's workshop.

For some, this is still too early, but for others, this is exactly what we need to see right now during these turbulent times.

So, get ready to look forward to Pillsbury's new "eat or bake" gingerbread cookie dough tubes this holiday season.

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Instagrammer @candyhunting recently made the announcement of the launch on their Instagram page.

If you choose to go down the classic route and bake them into gingerbread man shapes, you'll have to take a rolling pin to the dough.

But at lease you don't actually have to mix any ingredients, right?

Of course, you also have the option to just eat it straight up out of the packaging or throw in some ice cream to make your very own gingerbread cookie dough DQ Blizzard*.

*@ me DQ

Literally me when I eat the cookie dough straight out of the tube like a turkey leg.

Instagram | @candyhunting

There's no word yet on when these will be officially released, but definitely keep your eyes and eyes open.

We gotta get through pumpkin spice season first!