You Can Get Mesh Mosquito Pants For The Ultimate Summer Fashion Statement

Summer's all fun and games until you start getting eaten alive by mosquitos.

While you could spray enough bug repellant on yourself for someone across the globe to catch a chemically whiff, you could also just throw on some mesh mosquito pants instead.

Are mesh mosquito pants the latest greatest summer fashion trend?


The full-legged fine-mesh pants by Coghlan's are both practical and a unique summer fashion accessory all at once.

You no longer have to smell like greasy chemicals all night with pants like these.


And you don't have to worry about sweating your tail off in the scorching nighttime heat and humidity of summer to try and save your poor mosquito-attracting legs.

The pants have an elasticized waist and cuffs to effortlessly fit over any kind of pants, keeping you bite-free all night long.

And yes, you should absolutely pair them with a mesh mosquito hat for the ultimate ~ lewk ~.

Get them off Amazon for $12.

Keep in mind that we can't promise these won't ward off more than bugs.

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