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Maren Morris Claps Back At Body Shaming Instagram Troll Who Called Her 'Distasteful'

If you don't know much about Maren Morris, you're about to learn. That's right, this cute lil' country singer is making a name for herself in music and in her iconic Instagram clap backs, which is truly the perfect combo these days.

In her short amount of time in the spotlight, Maren has made it sang clear she isn't dealing with anyone's CRAP!

Maren Morris is best known for her CHART TOPPING bangers like "Girl" , "My Church" and most recently "Bones" which is my personal fav.

Instagram | @marenmorris

Maren keeps it real in her music and on her social media accounts, which is why fans love her so much!

SO when a FAKE FAN came for Maren after she DARED to show clevage in her Instagram picture, the 30-year-old shut that ish down *real* quick.

Maren has a way with words and sassy comebacks.

She is a country singer, after all. That is what they're best at!

Posting this gorgeous teal dream pic, Maren captioned the pic "w a v y hair," and gave a shoutout to her hairstylist.

While most fans were appreciating the hair post, some haters had to point out that NEW MOM MAREN had some CLEAVAGE SHOWING!


Instagram user Richelle Chapman let Maren know she was not impressed with her breasts. "Wavy hair as the camera is only on you [expletive]. Yes it's distasteful for sure."

Instagram | @marenmorris

"Everything in this world doesn't make sense anymore, clearly these little don't have much to look up to either," she concluded.

Um, I'm sorry, is it Maren's job to raise everyone's kids? Nah.

Maren's response? "Girl BYE. Don't let my boobs knock you on the way out."

And with that, the world STOPPED!

But seriously, women coming for other women's bodies and outfit choices?! That is SO 2019. Get with the program, Richelle.

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