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Carson Daly Recreates Picture Of His Dad, Who Died When He Was 5: 'It Got Me Closer To Him'

Losing a family member impacts your life in so many ways, especially when you're young when it happens. Sometimes, you end up searching for a way to connect with those you've lost, and it can often be through recreating moments, hobbies, and traditions that those loved ones partook in.

Carson Daly has done that in a very touching way that he has shared with all of us.

Carson Daly's father passed away from cancer when Carson was just 5 years old.

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On the Today Show, Carson and his sister Quinn discussed how they decided to recreate a photograph of their dad.

"You look at a picture of your family, and it just conjures up one million questions about your past," Carson said.

"This particular photo that I have of Dad by my bar area is him pouring a Tanqueray and tonic,"

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"That photo has been speaking to me over the past three months — I've got so many questions about it," Carson revealed.

Carson and Quinn also discussed how they lost their mother and step-father in 2017, with Carson adding, "You're all I have and I'm all you have, for the most part," when discussing why they worked together to recreate the photo.

The finished product is incredible — they look so much alike!

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"I have so few shared experiences with him that it's a powerful moment."

"He fought hard. Those first five years, he fought like hell to have those years with you,"Quinn said of the importance of the picture. "He may have been afraid in that picture, but he wasn't living in fear."

Carson and his sister also recreated a photo of the two of them.

"I feel like I time-traveled back to 1978 for a second there and entered the personal space of my father. And I'm grateful for that," Carson said. "In a weird way, it's given me some sort of closure. It got me closer to him, and that's something that I feel like I really have been yearning for."

What a powerful moment that we're so glad Carson got to experience!