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Sister Duo Recreate Famous Cartoon Characters' Iconic Looks With Vintage Clothes

When Halloween approaches, many people head to thrift stores to start rummaging through the racks and hope to gather a collection of pieces inspired by the character they want to transform into.

There's a social media sister duo that proves you don't actually need to use Halloween as an excuse to recreate outfits of your favorite TV and movie characters and reimagine what they might look like in today's trends.

British fashionista twins Nicole and Danielle run the sleek and colorful Instagram page @bettyberry.

Instagram | @bettyberry

While they enjoy modelling a ton of aesthetic inpo outfits, they've found a niche in recreating looks inspired by famous television and movie characters, whether human or cartoon.

Through their outfit combos, they effortlessly reimagine how these characters would dress today.

Instagram | @bettyberry

They use an array of unique vintage clothes to piece together the trendy looks, bringing the characters' modern makeover to life.

“We take inspiration from their color palettes and personalities and put together outfits in our style that we then sell in our vintage collections,” the sisters told My Modern Met.

Instagram | @bettyberry

Oh yeah, the sisters have an online shop where you can actually buy your favorite looks when they're listed.

While their recreations are fun, they're actually hoping to inspire their followers in ways that go beyond the surface aesthetic of the outfits.

Instagram | @bettyberry

“At the heart of what we do is sustainability and so by creating these looks and introducing more and more people to vintage, we’re aiming to provide a necessary alternative to fast fashion," they expressed.

See? Vintage clothes aren't so tacky are they!

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