Twitter Agrees That 'Dinosaurs' Had The Most Traumatic Series Finale Ever

There are some shows that just burn their way into your memory, and even when you think you've long since forgotten about them, it only takes a small reminder to bring everything back.

Dinosaurs is one of those shows for me, but usually the reminder is a pretty traumatic one. Dinosaurs was a sitcom about your average family, but the ending got bleak, fast.

Twitter user Jennifer Wright posed a question: which TV series had the most depressing finale?

Her own vote went to Dinosaurs, and it looked like by and large that was the answer that everyone agreed on.

Not only was it a bleak ending for a comedy show about dinosaur puppets, but it was a bleak ending for any show.

In case you've forgotten, *Dinosaurs* ended with the end of the world. Literally.

The dad of the family, Earl, had been involved with quite a few environmentally detrimental actions that eventually lead to blotting out the sun permanently. The climate gets increasingly cold and dark, and the fate of not only our main family but the entire world is grim.

Twitter has some thoughts about the finale.

"You: using the tech from Eternal Sunshine to erase all memories of your ex

Me, an intellectual: using said tech to erase all memories of the Dinosaurs finale," one fan tweeted, while others noted that in current times the finale was more relevant than ever.

A lot of fans pointed out the significance and importance of the finale being the way it was.

"Dinosaurs is so much more than its ending. It's incisive, whip-smart, and merciless all through the run, but we're all still so stunned by the sheer audacity of the finale of a sitcom featuring the end of the world in the most somber way possible that we've forgotten the rest," tweeted one fan.

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