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Stop Everything, Doritos Just Launched A New Streaming Service

Look, I would be lying to you guys if I said I have been doing much of anything these past few months. I, like most people, let's be real, have been binge-watching TV and movies like crazy and stuffing various foods into my face while doing so.

So when my love, DORITOS, announced that they were launching a new streaming service to celebrate the return of Doritos Ketchup tortilla chips, I was very emotional!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to explain to you why Doritos are, by far, the *most* superior chip.

No matter the flavor, these cheesy tortilla chips have brought the world bountiful amounts of joy. A chip that feels like it's an actual part of a complete meal?! Sign me up!

Now you don't feel so bad for eating a whole bag of Doritos for dinner, do you?!

A Doritos flavor has never let me down, so when the brand announced a new streaming service named after their limited edition, DELICIOUS, ketchup flavored chips, I knew it would be a match made in heaven!

The streaming service is called Doritos Ketchup+ and features a ton of awesome, original content! After all, it is the first-ever online streaming platform from a snack!

The shows range from a wide variety of topics like conspiracy theories, cooking, science and even thrift shopping!

I know, right?! What can't Doritos do?

*Thrift Flips + Chips* is the Doritos Ketchup+ show hosted by the super talented YouTuber and professional thrift queen, Sarah Dunk!

Doritos Ketchup+

Sarah, who has been a creator on YouTube for five years now, has always had a passion for thrifting.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Sarah about her new Doritos Ketchup+ show and her desire to breathe new life into second-hand clothing!

Sarah says she loves thrifting in major cities across the US and Canada, but enjoys small town thrifting the most.

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She explained that the smaller cities have "a quaint and vintage feel" which is perfect for all the hottest summer trends!

Her favorite summer 2020 trend? Crop tops, just like the one she made in her Thrift Flips + Chips show!

She's also a big fan of the current vintage trends. "I’m on the search for '90s and early 2000s pieces for a while now... For my show with Doritos, I wanted to incorporate some of that."

Sarah is an advocate for flipping and thrifting due to the severe environmental impact fast fashion has on our world today.

Instagram | @sarahdunk

Ultimately, she wants her viewers to "think beneath the haul of it all."

While thrifting, Sarah looks for brands who have stood the test of time like Levis, Polo and Guess! Her tips for first time thrifters include "going in with an open mind."

She continued: "You have to look everywhere. Things get misplaced… Things end up in the wrong area all the time!"

So don't be afraid of shopping every section at the store, and being open to altering a few pieces for that perfect fit! (Yes, this means shopping in the men's section too!)

If you don't have time to thrift, Sarah also shared some of her favorite sustainable and ethical clothing brands.

She recommends House of Sunny, Lisa Says Gah, Paloma Wool, and Girlfriend Collective!

So get out there, go thrifting, and buy yourself a big bag of Doritos Ketchup tortilla chips to enjoy while watching all of the awesome content available on Doritos Ketchup+ for a limited time, like Sarah's fav show, Ketchup Cook Off!

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