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Prince Harry Fires Back Against 'Offensive' Claims That He Misused Charity Funds

Prince Harry is no stranger to people saying cruel or untrue things about himself or his character. That's part of the life that you have to lead as a member of the Royal Family or as a celebrity in general. However, it's apparent that Prince Harry won't stand for rumors that call into question his charity work as a recent scandal has proven.

An anti-monarchy campaign recently stirred up some drama by accusing Harry of mismanaging funds donated to his charity.

The campaign, Republic, requested that the U.K. Charity Commission look into $366,000 of charity funds that were transferred between three of Harry's non-profits.

"This appears to be a personal decision by a trustee (the Duke of Sussex) to fund another of his projects, rather than to ensure the funds are being used for the original purposes for which they were donated," Republic claimed.

"The Duke of Sussex has always and continues to remain deeply committed to his charitable work," Prince Harry's representatives said in a statement.

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"This is his life's focus, and his devotion to charity is at the very core of the principles he lives by and is obvious through the impact and success of his many charitable projects throughout the U.K. and beyond."

"It is deeply offensive to today see false claims made about the Duke of Sussex and his charitable work."

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"It is both defamatory and insulting to all the outstanding organizations and people he has partnered with," the statement continued. "The Duke has not, nor has he ever, had any personal financial interest in his charitable work. The interest has always been clear: to support others and to make a positive difference."

"To suggest otherwise is unequivocally wrong and will be acted upon accordingly with the weight of the law.

"The avenue through which this was publicly and salaciously created only suggests a hunger for media attention as well as a shared and attacking agenda, which is neither right nor just."

It looks like Prince Harry is not standing for this one!