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Incredibly Detailed Island Oasis Cakes Are A Little Slice Of Paradise

If you've immersed yourself in the world of baking during #quarantine, then you've most likely entered a wild rabbit hole of cake design.

And if you haven't and you're just joining us, take a look at these wildly intricate island cakes that are out of this world.

While this may look like some sort of tabletop decor piece, it's actually a completely edible cake.

Instagram | @paladarte

There's a community of cake designers and artists out there on The 'Gram that are creating these incredible cakes.

Instagrammer @paladarte from El Salvador is one of them.

Instagram | @paladarte

The professional baker uses an expert combination of cake batter, icing, gelatin, and custom edible garnishes to achieve various textures and details of a dream private island.

There are so many more creative island cakes out there that have their own unique qualities.

Instagram | @svetlana.sweetmagic_osnk

Instagrammer @svetlana.sweetmagic_osnk has also dipped her toes into the island cake life.

In her version, a gelatin ocean scene completely covers the cake.

Instagram | @svetlana.sweetmagic_osnk

When it's ready to be eaten, it is cut open to reveal a decadent layered cake.

The detail is beyond incredible.

Instagrammer @halida_cake didn't have to go this hard with the detail, but she did and we appreciate it.

Cutting into something like this should be illegal.

Is there such a thing as a museum for cake art?

These cakes are beyond mesmerizing.

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They have proven once again that bakers are actually wizards.