Target Is Selling Haunted House Cat Scratchers So They Can Get In On All The Spooky Fun

Target is back and spookier than ever with their fresh 2020 Hyde & Eek! Boutique goodies. They haven't missed any detail to get your home in the spooky spirit, even going as far as thinking about how to get your pets in on all the spooky fun.

Lately, they've been releasing a ton of cute and fun cat houses and scratchers, and they're leaning hard into Halloween.

Target is back with a new spooky cute collection of haunted house cat scratchers for the Halloween season.


They're filled with corrugated cardboard scratchers with various windows and openings for your feline friend to have some fun in.

But these aren't your ordinary cat scratchers, that's for sure!

There are a host of different easy-to-build styles to suit your own spooky style in your home.


They have a haunted house, a fantastical pirate ship, a quirky fun house, and even a couple double-decker options like a haunted castle and a haunted hotel.

Prices for the cat house scratchers range from $14.99 to $34.99 depending on the size and detail.


These have already proved to be popular. Many of them are also already sold out unfortunately, but it's only July, so keep your eyes peeled for any restocks.

Hopefully your cat isn't a scaredy cat and can enjoy these to the fullest!

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And even if they don't, it's a cute new Halloween decoration, right?

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